I am 31 years old married with 2 beautiful children.  Although, I haven't "battled" with being overweight all my life.  I guess I probably was compared to the doctor's chart.  I used to just think I was FINE. LOL!  But as a kid, I always had bigger breasts than the other girls.  I was really embarrassed by that.  After I had my kids, I think I added about 30-40 lbs to my frame.  I am clinically obese.  I think the term is now morbidly obese.  ME? Morbidly obese?  I was floored.  My dr asked if I'd ever considered having gastric bypass.  I told her NO!  I love to eat I couldn't imagine doing that.  But I think of my family, my sleep apnea(which has the potential to be fatal) and just my overall health.  I have been considering the lap band procedure.  I've recently learned that my husband's insurance does not cover ANY bariatric surgery!  So, I have to wait until my company has benefit elections again and choose Cigna.  I've found that they will pay for surgery with me paying 5%.  WOOHOO!  I am a bit aprehensive, but that's why I joined this website.  I wanted to learn everything I could about the surgery.

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