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Jul 19, 2009

I just wanted to post my fill history here before I forget it all

OK I have a 10cc AP standard Lap Band.  They put 3cc in it at banding.
I got my first fill on 4/08/09 of 1cc for a total of 4cc-not restriction!
I got my second fill on 5/6/09 of 1cc for a total of 5cc-I had a little restriction for a little while.
I had the third fill on 6/16/09 they put in 1cc but it felt funny.  I sat for awhile and it started feeling tighter and tighter.  I started foaming.  I was waiting for the PA thank goodness.  By this time I was almost strangling from the foaming.  I went out into the hall and the PA was coming.  She saw I was in distress and took out .5cc.  So I had a total of 5.5cc and I had some restriction for a couple week.
On 7/17/09 I had my forth fill.  She only put in .5cc and I was able to drink OK.  I was burpy after though.  This was on a Wednesday.  I did liquid for the rest of the day and the next.  Friday night I got stuck on mashed potatoes.  But Saturday am I couldn't even eat yogurt.  I called the PA at the Hospital and the PA, Denise, told me to come in for a UN-fill.  My DH took me to the Hospital.  I went to admitting as she told me too, not thru ER.  I found the PA and she did the UN-fill of .25cc and what a relief it was.

Now only two days later I was able to eat way to much stuffed fish and salad.  I also was able to eat 1/2 baked potato and a bite of bread.  So what is up with this.  From totally closed to wide open in 48 hours????

Losing track of my total.  The PA had mentioned she had found an extra .5cc along the way.  Now it seems to be even more and the total today, 9/9/9 was 6.75 with the .25cc she added today.  I should only have 6cc but now have .75 more than "put-in"


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