I fought the Insurance and I won! Yeah!

Jan 03, 2013

My insurance went to a once in a lifetime WLS policy while I was trying to get approval for my Revision.  I got approval for the band to be removed only.  After the band was removed, I started the process to get insurance approval for a sleeve (VSG).  It was a long haul, I had to start over as though I never had a WLS.  Had to get second Psych Eval.  I had to submit a new medical data collection proving need and I was now under 40bmi.  (There for a little while I was under 35bmi.)  I had to show bmi of 35 with two co-morbs.  This took a little doing but, the doctor find a couple in her back notes.  I had to do another 6 month supervised diet.  It was a good thing I had started logging my data on CalorieCount.com after a doctors appointment in January so my doctor submitted my inch thick stack of print out with the January appointment and they excepted it. Than I had to get a referal for a 2nd surgeon consultation.  Every step of the way the people that submit the referral request from the PCP to the insurance would deny it and the PCP insurance rep and I would have to fight to get the referral OK'd.

I made it thru all the 2nds and got dates from the Bariatric Center while I was out of the country.  1/2/13 I had the pre-admission testing done.  1/3/13 I had the final Nut Class pre surgery and on 1/7/13 I will start the pre-op diet.  Come 1/22/13 I should have my new sleeve.  So excited now I can't sit still.



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