1st plastics since WLS

Mar 14, 2014

Well I made it thru my first PS.  I chose to have a neck lift as I was left with a very wrinkled turkey waddle.  The surgery went well and I had the drains pulled the next day.  Than the following day I had a bleed.  I had trouble getting thru to the staff that things were going bad.  I had lain down and heard a tearing sound in my head.  Than I started swelling and my one eye swelled shut, than the other started and my throat got tight. I finally got my husbands attention outside as I couldn't yell by banging pans together.

He came in and called the office, they had told me to wait until the next am.  They told him the doc was in surgery and when he got back he would call and talk to us.  After two more calls he got thru to them I was having trouble breathing.  They had me go to the office, not sure why they didn't want me to met him at the hospital.  

When we got to the office I couldn't see at all because my eyes were swelled shut.  I could hardly talk and he sent me to ER.  When I got there I could hardly breath.  The surgeon had called ahead for a ER OR.  When I pulled in Security, I think put me in a chair and took me to the desk. They thought I was having an reaction.  They asked if I had trouble breathing and whisked me right in.  My surgeon was scrubbed by the time they had taken my info and found OR people to work the surgery.

I was intubated while awake as the throat had closed up almost totally.  If that hadn't worked they were looking at a trach.  I got it swallowed and woke up with it still in for 24 hours to keep the airway open.  Four days later I got to go home.

Two weeks after surgery he took out the stitches, some are usually done the next day and the rest at one week.  I got the ones he missed out today, four weeks after surgery.  I had some waddle come back a week ago.  He said it may get a little better and was due to the bleed stretching it back out.  Not the results I had hoped for but, so much better than before.

I talked to the surgeon today about inner thighs.


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