Jamal Farhan

"I was told Dr Farham was cold and impersonal but, I didn't find this to be true. He is very experienced and professional but, I felt comfortable with him. He told me what to expect and went thru all the risk and complications with me. I felt he was behind me in my choice of surgery, I had a band removed 4.5 months before and he wants you to wait 4-6 months for the stomach to heal from the damage done by the band. He also made me feel that yes, it was the band and not me. I can't say the same for all of the staff. Hurley has some great staff but, unfortunately some of the great staff that was there when I was banded is no longer there. Some of the new staff has an agenda and it is so sad as this surgeon and the program with after care support groups is very good. "

James Wagner

"He takes all the time you need to answer all questions. It is the reason I picked him over the other while making the original appointment. He did a great job with incesions. You can hardly see them now. Dr Wagner took my band out. Once again I met with him once before (5min this time)never saw him again. He did a good job but, I had a soma(sp)now I have a hard spot there. I was going to wait to have him fix it when I was sleeved but, found out he is leaving. "
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