I'm fat.  I've been fat my whole life.  At times I'm okay with it, but the older I get the harder it is to ignore it.  I can lose weight on my own, I've done it hundreds of times.  Seven years ago I lost enough weight to have a tummy tuck done.  I looked great and the extra 15 pounds of skin they took off made a huge difference. Slowly I began reverting back to my old eating, exercising less.  I got careless and comfortable.  We moved, things changed.  I bloated back up.  Since then I have dieted on and off, lost 10-20 pounds and then stacked 25 back on.  I'm not an emotional eater, I'm a hunger and boredom eater.  I'm always hungry, ALWAYS.  Its like my stomach cant get full....at least not for long.  I eat sensibly, use Fitday to log all my eating.  I'm still fat and getting fatter daily.  I didnt want Gastric Bypass.  I had a hard time, not because I thought it was the easy way out but because you had to mutilate your insides.  I'm a very smart person, maybe too smart for my own good. I researched all the bad stuff that can happen first.  This research took about 4 years.  My family are all against it.  I'm turning 40 this year and fear that in the next 10 years my health will sharply decline if I dont do something drastic now.  Desperation has set in.  Now I'm trying to reconcile my feelings of terror.  Its hard because I want to be healthy but I fear for my life.  I'm scared and teeter on a razors edge every day.  Maybe today I will cancel the operation, maybe tomorrow.  I'm trying to stay positive .

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