One year, 6 months

Jan 10, 2009

So much has happened, theres no way I could re-cap 18 months on one page. Anyway, here I am. I'm currently weighing in at between 140-146 lbs. on a daily basis. I would love to lose 10 more but I've kinda settled into a groove.I'm one of "those people" who doesnt exactly follow directions or do exactly what my doc told me to. For example, I dont take a daily vitamin BUT I DO get my bloodwork done bi-monthly to check for deficits. So far I'm good in all areas, EVEN iron. Imagine that. I DO take a calcium supplement a few times a week because I'm scared of osteopenia (I'm 41 so menopause is just around the corner for me! ) My daily diet isnt that could be much better. For example, yesterday I ate 2 pieces of whole grain toast with butter and jam, a tall soy SF cinn dolce latte from Starbucks, a handful of crackers, 2 cups of salad with tuna, 2 glasses of white wine and 2 pieces of pizza. Please dont mail me....I know. I work out at the gym pretty regularly, the need to be active comes and goes. I tried to go everyday there for awhile but let me tell you, I burned out and didnt want to go back for a long time. I'm wearing a 8-10 and other than my saggy ass you would never know I was once a chunky monkey. I'm hoping to get some reconstructive surgery on my ass at some point, I think it would really help with my self-confidence. My boobs too (or whats left of them). I dont want implants but I would like the excess skin cut off, even if that leaves me with A cups, dont care. Other than that I feel great. I still dump big-time so I have to watch how I time my eating. I need to drink more water, I really suck in that area.

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