2 years out!

Jul 10, 2009

Well, it's 2 years since that day they cut me open and re-routed my insides. Seems like so much longer. I've learned sooooo much in that time, good and bad. I live a pretty normal life now, its almost as if that fat girl was a different person. Here are some points and observations of living through gastric bypass (my experience and opinions, so take with a grain of salt yall!)

* I lost all my weight in 8 months......dropped to my lowest at 134 lbs and then gained up to what I am now....145 lbs. 
* I'd like to weigh less but thats just my vanity talking, I'm fine in a size 8-10. I even wearr a bikini and dont look hideous.
* I eat badly and I know it. Admitting it is hard. I try to eat enough protein but manage to fail miserably.
* I have found that there are foods that I CANT tolerate and its probably good that I cant. I have not eaten ice cream, pasta, rice or bacon in 2 years. Its a good thing.
* I CAN eat 85% dark chocolate because the sugar percentage is very low, but the fat grams are gigantic. (I have to have chocolate at least once a month)
* Sometimes I still overeat or dump and have to lie down and recover and its miserable.
* I cant throw-up anymore. I mean, I have tried, but it just doesnt work anymore. I do dry-heave for hours though which is worse.
* Working out became an addiction that I burnt out on. Now I go sporatically.
* I dont tell people that i used to be fat anymore.
*I havent been back for any follow-ups with my doctor.
* My hair fell out BIG-time and is just now getting back to normal.
* I occasionally drink diet soda, white wine, beer and I chew gum like a crazyy person.
* I went thru a "period of adjustment" with my husband. He married me fat so when I got tiny it kinda weirded him out for a minute. He's over it, we've moved on.
*I feel younger and aspire to do EVERYTHING now. That alone was the best outcome of the surgery.


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