Six years post-op update.

Jul 09, 2013

Yesterday was my anniversary and I didn't even realize it. It's been a long twisting road with lots of obstacles. I think the last couple of years have been the best, in that I am learning the lessons I should have known from the beginning. I can't outline just what has worked for me because it's way too convoluted. My truths have become: I CAN'T have wheat or dairy....they are the driving force of my past failures. I NEED to put a vitamin in my mouth every day so that my brain will continue working. I'M RESPONSIBLE for moving my ass as much as possible, the more movement I can manage, the better off I am mentally and physically.

Almost 2 years ago I began my recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. This made all of the rest of the changes in my life possible. I continue to follow a 12 step program.

My marriage has survived all of these changes and this August will be 23 years. Amazing.

WLS gave me a gift. I abused it for a long time until I dealt with the underlying issues that got me to 320 lbs to start with.


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