I have been overweight since middle school.  I did wear a size 12 for a short period of time when I was 19, but I began progressively gaining weight as the years passed.  My mother's husband had a lap band placed in Grand Rapids and was very successful with it.  A few months after his was placed I began doing research and preparing to have WLS.  It took 9 months for it to happen, but happen it did and now I am ready to lose some weight.  I have been very open with my family, friends, and co-workers and they have been extremely supportive.  One downside to that is that someone will always be watching me and some people will probably be judging me, that's cool b/c I already know who these folks are. I chose to put myself out there and perhaps I will be a good model for someone else who may decide to have WLS.  I work in a hospital and have already been told by some folks that they are considering the surgery, but want to see someone else go through it first.  I always do like to be one of the first to try new things.     Rhonda

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