I'm back! I had my first surgery in August 2007 when I had a lap band placed. I did well for the first 5 years or so, maintaining my 96 lb loss (within 20-30 lbs), but I had to work HARD to maintain, including trying other approaches (keto, low-carb, bio-hacking, noom, and even prescription meds including contrave and phentermine at the same time) and eventually burned out a few years ago.  I'm now 16 lbs above my pre-surgical weight.

I started insurance approvals for a revision to RNY 2 years ago (Aetna's bureaucracy is insane), and got my approval a few weeks ago. 

I was going to have surgery Dec 21, but Omicron paid a visit and I had to reschedule. I'm now in my pre-op fast and scheduled for 2/15.    14 years gone, and I'm back to the beginning!  

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