The journey continues

Jun 16, 2009

Well, I'm still plugging away, although it's been slow-going.  Looking back at my earlier posts and goals, it gets a little disheartening, but I'm going to focus on good things I'm doing right now and the tools I've added to my collection:
- podcasts.  I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the "Inside out Weight Loss" podcast with Renee Stevens!  As soon as I hop in the car in the morning, I pop the ipod in and squeeze in an episode on the drive to work.  She's got a great way of reframing how you think and helping to change the attitude.
- I joined the gym!  I even meet periodically with a trainer to see how things are progressing.  There are 2 classes I love (pilates and S.E.T - strength endurance training) and I have been using the weight circuit on the other days, followed by a nice 3 mile walk with the pooch (I feel guilty doing cardio without him).  Plus lots of trips to dog beach on the weekend.  I live in a great hilly neighborhood, so even when I don't get to the gym I still get a good workout (and so does Dearest Poochie).
- I've nearly eliminated the junk out of my diet. The fill I got this Spring really helped, because a lot of the naughty stuff just doesn't sit well for me now.  Now, I think it's just a matter of trimming back fat calories and nipping the portions down just a tad more.
- I got a bodybugg :-)  It's great having a toy that tells me burn vs. input on my calories, although I do question if it's really as accurate as they say.  Either something is funky, or my food measure/estimation is way off.  Time will tell!
- I'm back to the support sites and reading up again. 
- I scheduled with a new doctor who is in the same network as my bariatric doc, so referrals should be easier when I need them.  I have an appt with the new doc coming up and will get bloodwork, so I can make sure everything is on track.  Plus, he might have some suggestions on what to do to speed things up a bit more.

So, I've re-lost about 6 lbs, with 14 more to go before I'm caught up to last Summer.  Hopefully, things will kick in again soon.  One of my bigger goals is a weird one.  I want to lose enough to see just how badly I need Plastic Surgery.  At this point, I know I have skin, but there's enough fat hanging yet that it's hard seeing just how saggy things will be.  I'm trying to be as realistically optimistic as a 42 year old former fattie can be - ha!


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