Postponed ....

Dec 21, 2021

Ah, life. You do know how to make things interesting!

I was plugging away at my pre-op diet and isolating to stay healthy before surgery, but my niece returned from a work conference in Miami, and brought all the fun things an indoor conference in a pandemic can bring.  

She spent the weekend before heading back to her home for a few days, so she could get life in order and come back for a dogsitting and helping me out when I got home from the hospital. While here, we isolated and masked when in the same living space. Before she left, she got a covid test, so we could be extra careful.

on Monday, she called me. She tested positive for Covid AND Influenza B. DAMMIT! She was just starting to feel tired and early Covid symptoms so she started isolating at her place as the viruses kicked in. She was miserable, and I started worrying.

I was furious with her employer and the organization who decided we're ready for in-person events, in Miami, no less! More anger with J & J for making such a crummy vaccine, and for the booster guidelines that prevented her from getting a booster to go with that crappy vaccine.

Next morning, I noticed my tonsils were getting sore. DOUBLE DAMMIT! I ordered home tests and zinc losenges on instacart and started drinking a lot of chicken broth I had in the freezer.  It morphed into a head cold, and the home Covid tests came up negative on 2 consecutive days. My Flu and Covid shots did their job!

The rest of the week, I went into hardcore contingency planning mode. Who would watch my dogs while I was in the hospital? Who would be around to help out when I got home? Who could drive me to/from the hospital.  Could other family fly out and help? Zoom calls, requests to friends, neighbors, coworkers.... I had a few good options ready to go, but it was still stressful AF.

Complicating matters was the fact that my insurance is changing Jan 1, which would mean starting over if we didn't get this done by Dec 31. 

Finally, I had a second call with the nurse from the bariatrician's office and we agreed, postponing made the most sense, and they had an opening on Dec 28th. Just in time for me to have surgery, 2 nights' stay in the hospital and everything wrapped up before the insurance change. PHEW!

I got good news today, because my niece tested negative for Covid, and she's on her way to recovery too!  So, we now can be in the same house and not worry about contagion, and she'll be here to care for the dogs and help out when I get home.

So, here I am, one week out (again), and feeling a lot healthier and calmer.  Another week to get things done at work and then I can stay away for 2 weeks healing and relaxing.


Fingers crossed it all goes as planned from here on out!


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