The band is out! Healing before my RNY

Feb 28, 2022

Well, it turned out that I had a lot of scar tissue when they removed my band (not surprising after 14 years), so I was only able to have the removal.  

On the bright side, they sent me home the same night and I was back to work a week later. I had terrible vertigo (I've had positional vertigo for almost 10 years), and I'm thinking it might have been the angle they tipped my head during surgery, but it's much better now, and I'm just being careful with fast movement.  The incisions are healing well and I'm still restricted for lifting things for another week, but otherwise, I feel pretty good!

Follow-up appointment with the surgeon and dietician later this week (the ones originally intended for post-RNY). Hoping we can get back to it with the RNY sooner rather than later (but it's usually 2 or 3 months).

I still feel some restriction, so my stomach is probably still expanding now that the band is out. But, I'm having no trouble eating "normal" food at this point (had some gas if I overdid it for the first couple of weeks - like my stomach was still "angry"). 


It's a bummer that I need 2 operations instead of 1, but I'd rather not take chances or have a tougher recovery period, so it's worth taking my time.

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