One Month

Dec 29, 2010

One month out. I have been cleared for "real" food now, I'm so excited! Hoping I can get most of my protein from food rather than relying on protein drinks.

I've only lost about 12 pounds since surgery. Maybe my expectations are too high. Maybe I'm comparing myself to others. But 3 pounds a week is respectable, so I shouldn't complain.

I NEED to start exercising. I should at least get walking. There's a mile track right near where I live. NO excuse not to get out there! But I'm full of excuses and I'm afraid nothing has changed regarding my feelings toward exercising :(

I'm feeling great. No problems. No getting sick from eating too much or the wrong food. Everything I've eaten has sat well in my sleeve. I'm happy about that.  And I'm really happy with how everything is going. Thanks to all my OH friends who have asked about me. I feel wonderful!


Week 3

Dec 17, 2010

I went back to work this week. I feel GREAT! I'm not fatigued or irritable by the end of the day. I"ve been put on light duty, but still feel productive.
I've been cleared to eat purees, so I'm looking for recipies. The first thing I ate was some mashed up avacado. Then later I ate some watered down and mashed up refried beans. They were ok. Nothing bad happened to my tummy, so I'm encouraged to try more foods.
Went to Olive Garden after work today. I ate the broth from my soup. No one said anything about my weird eating! I'm glad that I accepted the invitation to go. It was a nice time visiting with friends and not about stuffing myself with breadsticks! haha

So far my recovery has been completely uneventful. I'm greatful for that. Only thing is, I havent lost much. Only 8 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks. Other than that, life is good!!
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So Greatful

Dec 05, 2010

I am so greatful to have had this surgery. Back in January 2010, I went to the doc just to talk about my blood sugar. It had been creeping up lately. When I got there, she said that she was going to refer me to bariatrics.  This whole thing was HANDED to me.
ALLLL those pre op testing appointments went smoothly. I didn't miss a single one. My supervisor was supportive and let me have the time off I needed for my appotinments. I was worried about the psych exam for some reason, but she cleared me, it was no big deal!
Then the surgery went perfectly....textbook. I had some naseau in the beginning but that was my worst complaint. Very little pain.  I feel so lucky to have had such a smooth ride throughout the whole process.
I feel for those individuals who have to fight their insurance companies and those who have to pay out of pocket. We have Tricare prime and I had my surgery in a military treatment facility, so everything was free. Again, I feel very lucky and truely blessed.
I am hoping for an uneventful recovery. So far so good. I wish the best for everyone who is about to have their surgeries!!
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Week one

Dec 03, 2010

Surgery was Monday. I don't remember a thing! When I woke up, I felt totally run over and I remember asking my husband what time it was. I guess the surgery from the time they wheeled me back to get ready and the time I woke up was about 4 hours. The surgery was only about 2.
I had a lot of naseau the first day or two. But it went away since I've been home. I didn't have a lot of pain which was a pleasant surprise. I didnt realize the only pain meds I was getting was when I pushed the morphine button, and I didn't need it that much. Turns out the morphine was making me queasy, so I was glad when they took it away from me and gave me the Lortab. The drain tube coming out wasnt nearly as bad as I had feared. They took it out before I went home so I don't have to deal with it now.
I came home Wednesday afternoon. Took my lortab and went to sleep! I've been trying my hardest to get in liquids but it's slow going. It took me 1 /1/2 hours to drink an 8 oz protein drink. And it took two sittings to eat 1/2 a pudding cup. I've been drinking crystal light which has been great for when I have to crush my meds and swallow it. The flavor kills the taste of the meds fortunately!
I'm trying to do everything the doctors said to do. I want my recovery to go as smoothly as possible. I had a fever in the hospital of about 100.5 which is high for me. Since I've been home my temp has been in the 99s, so I'm just watching it. Also watching my blood sugars.  It was a little bit high in the hospital so they had to give me insulin. Wasn't too happy about that. But they'd been pumping me full of sugar water, so I'm not surprised my sugars were high. Since I've been home, my numbers have been fine, I'm happy to report.
Well, what else can I say? I'm doing my best and I'm feeling pretty ok. I cant wait until the stiffness and bloating go away and I feel like myself again. I will go back to work at 2 weeks out, so we'll see how it goes!

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