Great News! Surgery scheduled for May 7, 2014

Mar 26, 2014

I went yesterday (Tuesday March 25th) for my office consultation at Adavance Bariatric Center of California in Fresno and met with Dr. Swartz.  He examined me, read over my questionaire and said I am a perfect canidate for weight loss surgery.  Since I am a "self pay" meaning not going through an insurance company I was able to schedule my surgery date right then and there!!!!   Yay!!!!  I am soooo excited!!!!  No pre op psych evaliuation, diets, or classes.  I am scheuled for my pre op visit the day before which is May 6th and at that time I will take a nutrition class and have blood work done.  I then will go to Clovis Community Hospital and pre register.

My surgery which is the sleeve gatrectomy is going to cost $21,250.00.  Thank heaven for my wonderful Dad who is paying for me to have this procedure!!!  I honestly have the best Dad ever!   


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