My name is Terri                                                                                          Here is my weightloss journey

October 2002 I  considered the open gastric bypass when it was first opened at Holzer Comprehensive Weightloss Center.  I went through the consult, psych evaluation and the predetermination through Insurance...I was approved but I didn't do the surgery I chickened out.  I was hearing to many bad things about the surgery and really got scared.

In April 2004 I had a consult with another Dr  (Stickler) that specialized in Laparoscopic Bypass Surgery in Charleston WV.  I went through all of their beginning process and called my insurance (Anthem BC/BS PPO) only to find out it is an exclusion in our policy and no matter what it wouldn't be covered even with letters from my doctors.  I gave up.

Last year I was diagnosed borderline diabetic and I had high cholesterol.  I had previously did several weight loss programs and always lost a little then gained more back.  The doctor was giving me three months to work on weight control to better my control for these two health factors.  Well I did well for about a month then got sick and didn't continue my diet and exercise.

February 2007 it's a year later and my Dr diagnosed me as diabetic and high cholecteral.  He gave me two options to have the surgery or take medication the rest of my life for diabetes and cholesterol.  I asked his honest opinion if it was himself or one of his kids what would he do.  He said I was too young to take medication for the rest of my life.  He would do the surgery.  He has given me two months to figure out what I want to do.

I made myself go the first part of March and get updated information and was happy to hear that the Holzer Comprehensive Weightloss Center now offers the Laproscopic Gastic Bypass Surgery.  They were having an informational and a seminar the following Monday and said I could attend. 

I did attend with my cousin who is also thinking about having the surgery.  I did alot of praying to the Lord to let me know if I was making the right decision.  Well as I continued to pray I got worried I would not see the a sign from the Lord if I should persue this or not.  I do a daily devotion and I woke up one morning praying about my decision and started my routine morning devotion and it was on the right path in life to take and about how the Lord helps with us with the path we take by putting road blocks in the way.  It then dawned on me that this was my sign from the Lord that I have been praying for so I went ahead and pursued this path and if it is not meant for me to do it the Lord with put a road block in my path. 

Well I scheduled my Consult and my Psych exam.  I was scheduled for my Consult March 23 but they called and said the Dr was on vacation that week so as you can imagine what I felt and was this a road block?  Well actually is was not because they moved it up.  I also scheduled my Psych exam for April 4th and they had a cancellation so I had that early as well.  The consult with Dr Canaday went well but he did insist I have a sleep study. I didn't want it because I don't believe you get an acurate reading since you can't sleep in strange places.

I passed my Psych exam and my sleep study results were good so now I am just waiting on the approval from insurance.  It's nerve racking waiting for Insurance to approve it.

Well the approval finally came today March 29 I called Anthem and they told me I should receive my letter in the mail next week that they approved the Laparoscopic Bypass Surgery.  Woooo Hooooooo.  That was a relief because I just know that would have been the Block in the Road from the Lord.

I'm not nervous yet but I'm sure when I call next week to start my pre-op and get my surgery date the anxiety and nervousness will set in.  This is a long time coming and I will continue to pray and just know the Lord will be with me through this major life change.

I hope things continue to go smooth and I will check back often and try to do updates.

God Bless you and your journey.




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