Two Weeks Post-Op

Sep 25, 2011

Well, I am finally posting 2 weeks post-op. It hasn't been a bad two weeks at all. My biggest problem has been that I feel good... then I over-do it and make a certain spot  on my left side hurt. (A spot that he expained is painful because he stitched to a muscle there.) A lot of up and down and twisting makes it really hurt and I guess I forget and get overy zellous and well, there you go!

I was glad to get past all the fruity clear liquids after Week One, Stage One. I am very lucky that I haven't experienced any hunger so far, but those fruity liquids got odd pretty quick. It was a struggle, but it's OVER!!

Week Two, Stage Two has been better with the EAS Carb Advantage Shakes. By about number 4 for the day though, I wll say, that I am sick of them!!!!    I am starting to try some ways to add flavor and interest to the boring choc shakes... Will let you know all that turns out....

So actually tomorrow begins the Stage 3,  beginning of Week 3.... Pureed Stage of certain foods. The most exciting of these foods for me are eggs and tuna. I decided since I am going back to work tomorrow to try some things today. I would rather know how my lil pouch is gonna feel about new stuff at home rather than at work. I tried a soft boiled egg earlier and so far so good!! It tasted good and my pouch did not complain. I think for dinner I will try some tuna... Wish me luck!!!

I still haven't felt real hunger. I am pretty excited about that part of it!! A little nervous about real food.... But hey... My pouch and I can handle it... We are tough... We are invincible... tee heee (Thinking about naming my pouch.... hmmmmm  What do you think?)


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