5 Years Later

Jul 06, 2012

July 05, 2012 was my 5 year anniversary. I'm completely happy where I am right now. My weight has not changed and even if I managed to gain a couple of pounds I'll loose them as soon as I feel my pants are getting tighter. My family, friends, and co-workers have asked me on several occasions if I regret having my surgery and my answer to that "NO" and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't think about twice. My surgery has given me the opportunity to be myself again, to be a mother in every sense of the world. I have so much energy to play with my kids and I could say that I've fallen in love with myself again. My surgery has given me my life back and the energy to keep on fighting against the weight gain. I've seen friends and family that have had the surgery slowly gain the weight back and I'm so afraid to gain the weight. Since I now know that their is a high potential of gaining the weight back I try not to go back to my old eating habits. Day after day I question myself aren't they afraid of gaining all the weight back and more, but I guess they don't care. I would never want to be over 150 lbs in my life again. So all I ask is for all the support I can get from all my family, friends, and co-workers to keep on reminding me that if I start with bad eating habits I can gain the weight back. I love being a size 7 juniors; therefore I shall continue to fight against all odds and I vow to make a promise to my self:

I promise not to ever gain the weight back for the rest of my life!!! 


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