Lap Band here i come!!!

Nov 14, 2008

In about 11 days i will be off to Mexico to have my surgery. I can't wait i'm so excited. I am a nursing student and life seems to be going well. Sometimes i sit back and think about how my life will be once im 100 pounds lighter. My goal is to lose 110 pounds and the rate that i lose my weight will be up to the lord but i hope i can lose it in less than a year. I will be doing whatever i can to aide in my weight lose. Yes, I'm going to Mexico and no i'm not scared actually im very confident and blessed to have this oppurtunity. I know that god wouldn't put in a situation that i couldn't handle. I feel like there is so much to come from with weight loss. Only a hand full of people know about my surgery at school and including just my parents. I'm paying for my surgery by myself with the help of saving and Cometi credit. Yeap more debt lol!!! Im sure it will be worth it in the long run. I'm 20 years old and in nursing school going to my 3rd semester out of 5. I cant wait to become an RN. A sexy RN at that lol!!! My life is simple i just want to be healthy and normal thats all.

I will be back to update after my sugery, which is on Thanksgiving. Forever i will be thankful on Thanksgiving day. I continue to hope my surgery is as successful as the ones i read about. And i know that we all have that chance if we just work hard and do the things we know we should be doing. Lord i can't thank you enough...I love you forever and always...Amen!!!

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Lap Band here i come!!!