Jul 02, 2012

Well it is hard to believe that it has been just a hair over a year since I had surgery.  For the most part, I have had it "easy" and have not had any major complications, have not gotten sick hardly at all, and have not had any lactose intollerance or intollerances to vegetables, etc.  I can eat most meats, some still have a little difficulty such as chicken and hamburger meat, but all in all I am doing good.  I have to watch myself, as I sometimes conveniently "forget" how much I SHOULD eat (vs. what I CAN eat) and tend to eat a little more than I should.  Not always, but I do catch myself.  It doesn't take long for my stomach to protest and put me back in my place though!  There are times I do wish I did have a little more difficulty eating things so that it wouldn't be so easy to fall back into cheating myself.

I have lost a few lbs. since my last post in January and a few smidgens of inches since I last taped myself and I take full responsibility in that is partly due to me needing to get back in control of portions and what I am eating, but also due to the fact that I have been working with a personal trainer twice a week and gaining some muscle.  I know I will do better losing both lbs. and inches if I can keep up the exercise and tone down on the food.  I am not out of control, just know I can always do better.

I have found that I have tons more energy, more flexibility to exercise, I sleep better, I can actually fit into a lawn chair without picking it up w/my butt when I go to stand up...and overall I am happier with myself.

Current total weight loss: 107.4 lbs
Waist: 11"  Neck: 2.75"  Bicep: 2.75"  Forearm: 2"  Chest: 8"                                     Hip: 12"  Thigh: 6"  Calf: 4"

Almost 7 mos.

Jan 12, 2012

Well it has been a while since I have been on here.  Have had so much going on in life I just haven't had time.  Had to drop out of college to care for my disabled sis-in-law and my mother-in-law was put on hospice just before Thanksgiving and went downhill fast.  She passed away just before Christmas.  Husband is still overseas, so life has been chaos for me!  I have been stalled as far as numbers go on the scale for several months, but I know it is due to me not getting all of my protein in for the day.  I eat a lot of veggies, but meat I can do without.  Just have to remember to do my shakes when I am not eating a lot of protein.  Was having a hard time remembering my vitamins there for a while and have recently gotten back on track with those for the most part.  Really need to get going on a good exercise routine as well, just have had a lot on my plate lately.  Had a few months of losing hair pretty regularly.  It thinned out pretty good.  I am still losing it somewhat, just not as bad as I was.  Some of this I am sure is from forgetting my vitamins as well.  So hopefully that turns around soon.  Will have to get some updated pics taken to put on here, but here are today's measurements and weight.

Total Losses
Weight: 102 lbs lost
Waist:  11"  Neck: 2.5 "  Bicep: 2.75"  Forearm: 1.75" 
Chest: 8"  Hip: 11.5" Thigh: 6"  Calf: 4.5"


Sep 12, 2011

9/13/11 - Twelve wks post-op today!

Had to get an ice pick and punch two extra holes into my belt.  I only have one pair of pants that I don't HAVE to wear a belt or else my pants fall down as I walk.  Looks like I may have to break down soon and find me some jeans that fit.  Bras and undies are getting pretty atrocious as well.  SIGH! 

This wks tally of total losses:
lbs. : 65
Waist: 8.5"      Neck: 2"     (R) Bicep: 1.75"    (R) Forearm: 1.50"   
Chest: 5.5"    Hips: 7.50"      (R) Thigh: 3.5"     (R) Calf: 3"

Eleven Wks Post-Op

Sep 07, 2011

9/7/11 - Eleven Wks Post-Op
Missed measuring last week.  Weight has been stalled, but think we are getting back on track as the past two days I have gone down about five more lbs.  Still have days where I just loathe the thought of eating mostly meat and sometimes would gag when eating.  I was never much of a sandwich person before, but now that I can't tolerate the bread, I sometimes crave a good sandwich.  In fact the past few wks I had gone to eating salad w/a little meat and making up for the protein w/either a shake or snack on cheese.  But that may be why I was stalled the past few wks too.  Really have noticed suddenly that my hair had thinned out the past few wks.    I hope I don't lose an ungodly amount before my body kicks back into gear and making new hair.  ha ha

This wks tally of total losses:
lbs. : 62.4
Waist: 7"      Neck: 1.75"     (R) Bicep: 1.75"    (R) Forearm: 1.50"   
Chest: 5.0"    Hips: 7.25"      (R) Thigh: 3.0"     (R) Calf: 3.5"

Nine Weeks Post Op

Aug 24, 2011

8/24/11 - Just past nine weeks post op:   Forgot to tape myself this week so will do that in the morning and come back and edit it to this post, but as of yesterday morning, I have lost 55.4 lbs.  Have had so much going on have not done much more exercise than walking at the store.  My toe that I thought may have been broken is still tender, but I think I can finally start some slow workouts.  We will see.  Just getting in there and doing it!!  Need motivation!! ha ha

I should have re-read my previous posts first because I cannot remember what I put in them.....So at 9 wks I have only gotten sick twice.  Both times were eating too fast and/or not chewing well enough.  That was early on when I started eating "real" food again.  Have learned my lesson and have had no major issues since.  Some days I truly despise eating meat.  I enjoy my veggies, but force that meat in to get my protein.  My Dr would prefer 3-squares a day, but I have a hard time trying to get 20+ g of meat in at one time.  Some meals I can mix in other proteins so it isn't all meat, sometimes I can't.  Some days I can eat one thing and it taste fine and the next day (really more like next week or a few days later) can try to eat the same thing and it just doesn't taste good to me.  Cannot do breads whatsoever.  Which is part of the whole point I guess, but I can no longer stand hamburgers or pizza cause the toppings or meat just doesn't have the same appeal by itself.  I know this is a good thing to keep me from falling back into eating that way...just sucks.  I have no problems whatsoever with overeating.   I don't know when you start feeling true hunger/fullness again, but I have only fealt hungry once and realized late in the day I hadn't eaten all day but had drank water.  Feeling full isn't hard to do at all.  Doesn't take much. 

My aunt has been bugging me to send her more updated pics.  I had just posted (and sent her) my 6 wks post-op pics so may wait another week or two to update my pics again. 

Vitamins:  I took them like clockwork before and after surgery.  Now suddenly can't stand my chewable multi's or Vit C vitamins.  The multis are the Bariatric Adv. ones so not huge, so started just swallowing them and do ok with that but really hate it.  May give those to my older girls to take and just go to the regular pill.  I lay out my daily vitamins in a weeks worth pill box but my Bariatric Adv. calcium is huge and wont fit in there so keep forgetting to take my calcium so need to get on that and use up the last of those so I can start taking the pill of that as well.  So not doing horribly bad on getting them taken, but could do much better!

Edit:  Total loss in inches from taping
Waist: 6.50", Neck: 2.0", (R) Bicep: 1.75", (R) Forearm: 1.0", Chest: 5.50", Hips: 6.0", (R)Thigh: 3.0", (R) Calf: 2.50"

Six Week Post-Op

Aug 03, 2011

8/3/2011 - Six Week Post-Op apt.  Dr is happy and says I am right on target with weight loss.  He looked down at my toe I injured and assumes that since i am wearing flip flops it must not be broken.  WHAT??  As if I was going to cram it into a tennis shoe??  Oh well!  It IS feeling better today.  I still can't bend the pinky or fourth digit very well, but it isn't as bruised or as tender.  So hopefully it is better soon.

Have lost about 40 lbs total since pre-op apt.  Have lost more in inches.  This past wk did not lose that much in inches, just a tad.  Dr tells me he just came from the other room w/a patient that had lapband a few wks before my surgery and wasn't losing anything.  Come to find out she was still eating a lot.  As I was walking out the door he patted me on the back and says, "I love when it works right and is doing the job.  Keep it up, you are doing great!".   Took 6 wk post-op pics and will post in my album.

Week Five Post-Op

Jul 26, 2011

July 26, 2011 - Well I am in to week 5 post-op.  FINALLY UNDER THE 300 lbs. MARK!! I have been blessed to not have any issues.  Was able to start on soft/regular foods soon after surgery.  I have only been sick twice since surgery.  Both times I think it was either due to not chewing well enough and/or eating too fast. 

It is true what they say, there are some things you like before surgery and don't after.  Some of those things I still liked right after surgery, but a few weeks later I don't.  Things like sour cream taste too sour now, strange, but true.  It is also true that you may be able to tolerate something one day and not tolerate it another.  I have to be careful of both chicken and hamburger products.  I haven't gotten sick from eating them, but definitely feel a difference with Pouchy.

I can eat fruit in small portions, salad, etc.  I am so happy I am tolerating real food!!

Total losses since pre-op apt. as of this morning:

Weight:  Lost 42 lbs total
Waist: 6.25"
Neck: 1.5"
(R) Bicep: .75"
(R) Forearm: 1"
Chest: 4"
Hips: 5"
(R) Thigh: 2.25"
(R) Calf: 3"

It is good to see the inches shrinking at least while the scale is inching down slowly.
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Three Weeks Post-Op

Jul 13, 2011

7/13/11 - Three weeks post-op (yesterday).  Started to get excited that I was below the 300 lbs mark, but scale has gone up and down all wk giving or taking a lb or two.  Never went below 298 lbs.

I did do the tape measure again and now I am at a total loss of 5 1/2 inches in the stomach and 3 1/2 inches around the hips/butt.  So I am losing inches and not lbs. still.  Trying not to be discouraged.  Have had more pulling and burning from internal staples or sutures or muscles and nerves reconnecting and "coming back to life"....whatever you want to call it.  So haven't done much exercise other than walking doing errands and shopping, etc.

I can fit into size 24 pants now (was 26/28 pre-op) but fitted pants make the tummy tender in those areas so only wear them for short spurts.  Getting to wear some of my shirts that I hadn't worn in a while because my big stomach made them come up too high.  I am tall and have a tall upper body and that alone is a pain to find shirts long enough, but to add fat to that too and it is exhausting trying to find shirts that don't shrink up too short.  Now that I have lost a lot of belly fat, I can wear some of those shirts again. 

I ate out for the first time this past wkend.  Did real good.  Kids love that Mama can't finish her food and they get more food.  ha ha  Even when my daughter picked out red velvet cake, the other daughter got sweet potatoe pie and my son got chocolate pudding pie....I did great!  I took one tiny bite of the sweet potatoe pie as it was not overly sweet and was satisfied with that.  I had a half of a chicken picassa breast, a few bites of fruit, a few bites of a pea salad and the bite of the pie.  I was good.  One of hardest things for me is not drinking when I eat.  I have always had a hard time swallowing when I eat and 9 times out of 10 I rarely drank throughout the day, but would drink 1-2 glasses of whatever at mealtime.  So that has been hard.  Plus, it has been extremely hot and humid this week and I stay thirsty and want to drink, drink, drink, but feel ill if I go too much too fast. 

Two wks post-op

Jul 05, 2011

7/5/2011 - Two wks post-op.  Today is my two wk surgiversary.  Was sent home from hospital on full liquid diet, one wk post-op apt. Dr said to try scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, etc. and as long as I tolerate those, I could work in foods as I tolerate them.  Needless to say I didn't venture too far out there.  Have been horribly sick with allergies this past week, so have not wanted to eat much.  I did try some tuna and some chicken salad.  Did well with the scrambled egg and cottage cheese.  I was worried I would not lose as much weight as fast as some do by going to solid foods so soon, but was grateful I did not have to live on liquids for weeks after either.  Lost another ten lbs this past week, but even better, re-did my measurements today and here is proof that some people will lose inches before they lose pounds!!  

My last taping was on 6/8/11 on the day of my pre-op apt.  Since then, I have lost....
Waist:  5.25"  (Going around and meeting over the belly button)
Neck:  0.5"
Bicep:  0.75"
Forearm:  0.75"
Chest: 2.5"
Hips:  3.0"
Thigh:  1.5"
Calf:  1.5"

As of today, have lost 30 lbs since pre-op apt on 6/8/11.

Nine Days Post-op

Jun 29, 2011

6/29/11 - Had one wk post-op apt today.  Was worried yesterday as I had sneezed and felt sudden burning pain in lower left abdomen, then suddenly sneezed a second time and it got worse.  It burned for 5-10 mins. then about an hour later, after resting on my bed, I rolled over to sit up and the burning came back with a vengeance and lasted longer this time.  At my post-op today the surgeon explained that they have to cut through muscle to get their instruments in there to work and the incision above that area is where the stapler goes through.  He also said that they stapled the muscle back together as they are closing up, so I am probably feeling the staples pulling some, which is normal.  So we will see how it goes and if it gets better.  The burning was gone today, but still felt pinching and pulling there at various times throughout the day.  Just plan on taking it extra easy over the next few days and hope it goes away!!  On a better note, have lost TWENTY lbs since pre-op apt on June 8th!!! I didn't get to weigh myself the day of surgery.  My home scale said 316, so if that is so, I lost 14 of those 20 pre-op.  I will take it either way I can get it!! 
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