Nine Days Post-op

Jun 29, 2011

6/29/11 - Had one wk post-op apt today.  Was worried yesterday as I had sneezed and felt sudden burning pain in lower left abdomen, then suddenly sneezed a second time and it got worse.  It burned for 5-10 mins. then about an hour later, after resting on my bed, I rolled over to sit up and the burning came back with a vengeance and lasted longer this time.  At my post-op today the surgeon explained that they have to cut through muscle to get their instruments in there to work and the incision above that area is where the stapler goes through.  He also said that they stapled the muscle back together as they are closing up, so I am probably feeling the staples pulling some, which is normal.  So we will see how it goes and if it gets better.  The burning was gone today, but still felt pinching and pulling there at various times throughout the day.  Just plan on taking it extra easy over the next few days and hope it goes away!!  On a better note, have lost TWENTY lbs since pre-op apt on June 8th!!! I didn't get to weigh myself the day of surgery.  My home scale said 316, so if that is so, I lost 14 of those 20 pre-op.  I will take it either way I can get it!! 

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