Two wks post-op

Jul 05, 2011

7/5/2011 - Two wks post-op.  Today is my two wk surgiversary.  Was sent home from hospital on full liquid diet, one wk post-op apt. Dr said to try scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, etc. and as long as I tolerate those, I could work in foods as I tolerate them.  Needless to say I didn't venture too far out there.  Have been horribly sick with allergies this past week, so have not wanted to eat much.  I did try some tuna and some chicken salad.  Did well with the scrambled egg and cottage cheese.  I was worried I would not lose as much weight as fast as some do by going to solid foods so soon, but was grateful I did not have to live on liquids for weeks after either.  Lost another ten lbs this past week, but even better, re-did my measurements today and here is proof that some people will lose inches before they lose pounds!!  

My last taping was on 6/8/11 on the day of my pre-op apt.  Since then, I have lost....
Waist:  5.25"  (Going around and meeting over the belly button)
Neck:  0.5"
Bicep:  0.75"
Forearm:  0.75"
Chest: 2.5"
Hips:  3.0"
Thigh:  1.5"
Calf:  1.5"

As of today, have lost 30 lbs since pre-op apt on 6/8/11.


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