Week Five Post-Op

Jul 26, 2011

July 26, 2011 - Well I am in to week 5 post-op.  FINALLY UNDER THE 300 lbs. MARK!! I have been blessed to not have any issues.  Was able to start on soft/regular foods soon after surgery.  I have only been sick twice since surgery.  Both times I think it was either due to not chewing well enough and/or eating too fast. 

It is true what they say, there are some things you like before surgery and don't after.  Some of those things I still liked right after surgery, but a few weeks later I don't.  Things like sour cream taste too sour now, strange, but true.  It is also true that you may be able to tolerate something one day and not tolerate it another.  I have to be careful of both chicken and hamburger products.  I haven't gotten sick from eating them, but definitely feel a difference with Pouchy.

I can eat fruit in small portions, salad, etc.  I am so happy I am tolerating real food!!

Total losses since pre-op apt. as of this morning:

Weight:  Lost 42 lbs total
Waist: 6.25"
Neck: 1.5"
(R) Bicep: .75"
(R) Forearm: 1"
Chest: 4"
Hips: 5"
(R) Thigh: 2.25"
(R) Calf: 3"

It is good to see the inches shrinking at least while the scale is inching down slowly.

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