Six Week Post-Op

Aug 03, 2011

8/3/2011 - Six Week Post-Op apt.  Dr is happy and says I am right on target with weight loss.  He looked down at my toe I injured and assumes that since i am wearing flip flops it must not be broken.  WHAT??  As if I was going to cram it into a tennis shoe??  Oh well!  It IS feeling better today.  I still can't bend the pinky or fourth digit very well, but it isn't as bruised or as tender.  So hopefully it is better soon.

Have lost about 40 lbs total since pre-op apt.  Have lost more in inches.  This past wk did not lose that much in inches, just a tad.  Dr tells me he just came from the other room w/a patient that had lapband a few wks before my surgery and wasn't losing anything.  Come to find out she was still eating a lot.  As I was walking out the door he patted me on the back and says, "I love when it works right and is doing the job.  Keep it up, you are doing great!".   Took 6 wk post-op pics and will post in my album.


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