Jul 02, 2012

Well it is hard to believe that it has been just a hair over a year since I had surgery.  For the most part, I have had it "easy" and have not had any major complications, have not gotten sick hardly at all, and have not had any lactose intollerance or intollerances to vegetables, etc.  I can eat most meats, some still have a little difficulty such as chicken and hamburger meat, but all in all I am doing good.  I have to watch myself, as I sometimes conveniently "forget" how much I SHOULD eat (vs. what I CAN eat) and tend to eat a little more than I should.  Not always, but I do catch myself.  It doesn't take long for my stomach to protest and put me back in my place though!  There are times I do wish I did have a little more difficulty eating things so that it wouldn't be so easy to fall back into cheating myself.

I have lost a few lbs. since my last post in January and a few smidgens of inches since I last taped myself and I take full responsibility in that is partly due to me needing to get back in control of portions and what I am eating, but also due to the fact that I have been working with a personal trainer twice a week and gaining some muscle.  I know I will do better losing both lbs. and inches if I can keep up the exercise and tone down on the food.  I am not out of control, just know I can always do better.

I have found that I have tons more energy, more flexibility to exercise, I sleep better, I can actually fit into a lawn chair without picking it up w/my butt when I go to stand up...and overall I am happier with myself.

Current total weight loss: 107.4 lbs
Waist: 11"  Neck: 2.75"  Bicep: 2.75"  Forearm: 2"  Chest: 8"                                     Hip: 12"  Thigh: 6"  Calf: 4"


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