Charles M. Ferguson

"Not sure this is the same surgeon. My Dr Ferguson came from Massachusetts to Lagrange, GA in 2010 . Great surgeon and very pleasant. Wished there had been more information given regarding much of what I have learned on OH, but overall happy so far."

Multi Vitamin Chewable French Vanilla (Discontinued)

"Tastes great! Have to take two chewables 2x daily. A little spendy, but may be worth it for those sensitive to he vitaminy taste of others. Doesn't even taste like a vitamin. Wish the OTC vitamins would catch on to that!"

Calcium Citrate Chewables

"Confused as I have read bariatrics should only use calcium citrate stated AS calcium citrate on BACK label. If it is listed as calc. from calc. citrate, or calcium (calc. citrate), etc then we cannot absorb it all. Here is an article about that You have to take 3-4 large chalky tablets. Taste is ok, but dissolves on tongue almost immediately and you feel you need a drink to wash it down. It is a mouthful."

Bariatric Advantage

"I ordered multi vit's (chewable French Vanilla), calc. cit.(Chewable Mint), Meal Replacement powder (unflav.) and Chewable B-12 (peppermint). The B-12 is on backorder so I have not yet rcvd and have not yet tried the meal rep pwdr. The multi vit in french vanilla tastes GREAT and the calc cit is sort of large and chalky, but doable. I am a little confused that a Barriatric geared company is providing their calcium citrate as "calcium from calcium citrate" I have heard that this is not quite what we need and have to adjust accordingly and take more. In that case, it is not cost-worthy. Any calcium citrate should be listed only as "calcium citrate" on the BACK label. This is an article explaining it. "

Wellesse Calcium & Vit D3

"I kept getting told that calcium citrate was hard to find over the counter. I found this at Wal-Mart. Some had concerns that because it is Calcium Citrate and Tricalcium Phosphate that we could not abosorb the Trical. Phos. I looked on the Wallesse website and in the FAQ's it states that there is 80% citrate and 20% phosphate. So if you double the dosage daily (one in a.m. and one in evening) you should be fine. This is sugar and lactose free. Orange flavoring is not overpowering AT ALL and does not taste tart like a Vit C. More like and orange creamecicle. "
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