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Nov 19, 2015

Well wow its been 3 yrs since I have posted in here. An Im 10 yrs out from surgery an its been a ride for sure I have been up an down emotionally mentally you name it. I started out 410 down to 167 and maintained at 170 up until 4 yrs ago an have gained up to 240 I have maintained that but cant  get it off for nothing. I get so angry cause I know the pouch is there cause I cant eat much still but I am so depressed I dont do the 3-4  meals a day i dont get my water in like I should I have so much pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis and back pain I cant exercise like most can and it is just hard. I even want an have considered of seeing if I can get the other surgery the Sleeve, or at least seeing if my pouch has stretched an if so to tighten it. But I wont give up. With the way the world is going life is to short to sweat the little things so if your struggeling as well just keep fighting there has to be a way out somewhere :). Well I guess and pray the next post I make it will be in a year oe so telling you the weight is down and I won this battle again and all is good, I havent gone thru all these surgerys to give up yet.

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