My name is Lynn, I have carried weight ever since I was in my early twenties. Getting to my highest weight of 400lbs. I grew up in a very mentally, physically and emotionally abusive home. I remember being a teenage and and ideal weight and being told I was "fat", "lazy" and would never amount to anything. I was aprox 135 pounds, athletic, into many sports. Over the years I lost my self worth and depended on other people to tell me that I was "okay" each time thinking that I needed to "prove" myself because I was in so much pain, trying to divert the outer appearance of who I had become. Every time I was teased, mocked, or told not good enough because I was overweight, I would vow to myself that I would do what ever I needed to do possible to loose weight and then "I'll show them!"....always motivated to loose weight to, once again "please" people. I did not realized until I started this journey and having great friends for support, did I understand this time I was going to do it for me and it was never going to matter again, who thought what about me. I decided that I was worth more than I had allowed myself to treat me and this time I was going to make changes that would forever change my life for me.

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