Patch MD 90 Day

Oct 31, 2014

As a recently new gastric sleeve patient, I am excited about the future that lays ahead. I would love the opportunity to try the new product patch md. I'm really excited about the advancements in medical development  for bariatric patients such as myself and look forward to  healthier me, inside and out!



First Dr & Dietician Appt

Oct 29, 2014

Oct 29 2014,

So today was the first appointment 1 month pre op with the Dr and the Dietician.  Everything went well. I had a few questions of course about the pulling of my stomach that I had been experiencing, which is quite weird. By the time I had gotten home from my appointment I did not have pain anymore, but it comes and goes. The Dr said it was quite normal for the work that was done on me and to expect it to take at least a couple of months before I am back to my self. He said I was a little low in my fluids, so I have to increase them more. I've not been able to update my tracker as of yet but My weight loss since the 20th of October was 2 pounds. I almost crapped myself. I thought, how in Gods green earth can that be. I literally consume 450-560 calories a day! Rest assured my nurse told me to not be alarmed and that it was quite normal. People sometimes get the understanding that they loose all this weight in the first month after surgery, which may be the case for some. The body takes time to readust itself. So in saying all of that even thought I had only lost 2 pounds in 9 days, I lost 8 inches around my waist and over all so far I've lost 49 pounds since Sept 2 2014. My dietician told me it was quite normal and that I was loosing healthy amounts of weight and they were pleased. So now, I start my third phase after surgery which is my soft foods and have the go ahead for light exercise...super excited about that!


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