Jun 06, 2015

I need to record all of this while I am thinking about and before CRS kicks in.. High wt of 277 for short while, cut back on a little and maintained 265-269 for several years.  Started watching the carbs closer and went to the gym (water aerobics) while in California for three months last year and got down to 247-249 which was my pre-op dieting wt.  Surgery weight about 237.  Surgery 3-11-15.  Today is 6-6-15 and weight down to about 194.  It is going slow but it is going in the right direction.  I deal with constipation very often partly due to the foods now, but also the stroke I had in 2011 is a big contributor for difficulty with the elimentary part of the body.  I was paralyzed on my right side and in Acute Rehab/hospital for 2 1/2 months and determined to walk out of there even if with a walker--which I did by the grace of the Higher Power and a terrific Rehab Therapy group pushing me forward each day.  I have come a long way from then and thankful for every day.  

This journey that I am on now is not the easiest but I am so thankful for my sleeve.  It is giving me the opportunity to take my life back under control and be able to do things that I never would of been ablle to do.  I am so looking forward to my trip to Cali again this summer and seeing if I have to have the belt extender on the There are numerous NSV that have occured so far and each one no matter how small is a victory and a "high".  Oh the loose skin, especially the bat wings.. My neice told me the other day that my neck was getting longer.  I had the "extra" neck (?) that when I bent my head down to my chest, it kinda looked like a box turtle pulling its head into its shell so they always wanted me to do the "turtleneck".. Now it is just a "turkey neck"  (She is 14 and not a little kid but still enjoys the turtle in me.. Crossing my legs, able to move the steering wheel down all the way and still have room between my belly and wheel, bending over to tie shoes and not getting winded, putting on socks, walking to my car and not getting winded.  There are more for sure.  

I was married for almost 47 years but lost my husband last year so it has been a bit of a stressor.  One of the NSVs that has happened recently is the extra attention and looks from the male gender.  Yes, I know I should feel flattered but it is something that I don't know how to deal with, almost embarrassing because I never got that while married, never even noticed if it did happen.  The attention is something I have to learn to deal with I guess.  I am NOT looking for another mate or even a companion.  I have my three grown kids and the grandkids to keep me adequate company.,  

Well enough ranting for this post.  I weigh in tomorrow so will be keeping fingers crossed for a good one.  Even a pound if good.  

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