Jun 15, 2015

GOALS....Hmmm.. My first goal was to be able to start my weight with "1" instead of "2" which I have accomplished.  My end goal weight is somewhere between 150-160 but we shall see.  In between are a few smaller personal goals with meaning.  When my first born was about 6 week old, I weighed 152 (18 years of age).  Got up to about 172 until around 1984 when I had surgery that ballooned me up 50 lbs pretty quickly.  Then slowly crept up to high weight of 277 which freaked me out and got me down to 265-269 for years.  So those are my targets to get back down to.  I hit 189.8 this morning.  Taking it 10 lbs at a time and minute goals.  So, next is 179 then 172.  Yay.  I told my youngest daughter that when I hit 150 I wanted to go zip-lining, not just the teeny drop but something really significant.  Oh and she has to go with me.  LOL... Another goal is a real pair of jeans, not stretchy pants, not elastic waist, but the real mccoy.  She said she wanted to buy me those first jeans.  I am feeling so much healthier all the time, even with a bad back which is a big hinder to exercise and walking.  Working on that through pain management which hasn't helped yet.  Youngest asked me the other day a really good question which I don't have an answer for yet.  She said, " What would you attempt if you knerw you would not fail?" My answer at the time was to find cure for such debilitating disease such as alheizemers and cancer, etc.  She went on to add, that it was a question about my personal endeavors and goals, stuff you would  like to do but never did (and not a bucket list).   She asked me why was I bothering to try to get healthy if all I do is sit at home on the computer (don't think she knows the extent of my back troubles).  But she is right.  Since I had my stroke in 2011 and out of the work force, I have "hermitized" myself.  This is existing, not living.  So now, I have to ponder, "WHY? and WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT PAM???


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