Jul 19, 2015

Well, the scale finally moved a little lately.  I am down 83.4 lbs now.  I recall when I saw both of my tickers around 50 and thought it will be great to get the "pounds lost" much higher than need to lose.  Well, I'm getting there.  It is slow for sure now but it IS going in the right direction.  Perhaps my skin will catch up a little with the loss?  lol..  I looked over my eating pattern and figured that even though nuts and sunflower seed kernels are good for you, they made me retain water (?) or just stalled my weight.  So, I stopped all nuts for now.,  Hopefully that will do the trick.  

The other day I went to Walmart.  I usually use one of the battery powered carts due to lower back problems and I know I am going to be in there awhile.  Well, when I was getting the cart I wanted, I had to "squeezw between two of them to get to the seat.  I looked back and grinned big time to myself "I just got through that small space.. WOW"  You never know what is going through someones mind when you see them talking to themself or smiling.  You never know what "competition" they are holding for themself to accomplish and then realize it has happened or is happening.  Feel good for them.  They evidently do.

It is time to weed out some clothes.  My tank tops are literally sliding off my shoulders now.  My shorts that I am still wearing, well, I can't put my phone in my pocket because it makes my shorts slide down off me.  My bras are being passed down to my oldest daughter (she can wear them for sure).  Found some older stuff that I can still manage to wear decently until I get to California later this week.  I am sure that my youngest will be very tickled to take me shopping.  I hope she knows where the thrift stores are because I am not going to spend much on clothes at this point.   I am definitely very aware of what goes into my body.  I drank about half of a gatorade the other day and then looked at the carb value.  Nope, gave the rest to my granddaughter.  Not eating any fruit yet,  too many carbs.  Still having to be very mindful of the amount of fluids I am taking in...sometimes good sometimes behind.  All lab values have been great.  Blood sugar highest has been 99 (no meds since just before surgery) BP around 121/75 to 134/81 (again no meds since before surgery), no cholesterol meds.  Yay.  Saving money on both food and prescriptions.  Eating healthier foods since I don't have to buy so much just for me.  When I get back from Cali, my surgeon is going to finally discuss a date to do my umbilical hernia repair.  This is one of the main issues keeping me from doing any core work.  Yay again.  Finally getting my body rebuilt at  65 years of age.  Bionic man, move over.  

I'm so loving my sleeve, even with the stalls and constipation.  That can all be overcome. All in all, feeling good.  

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