Jul 26, 2015

Well I finally made it to California this past Thursday, July 23rd.  The flight was good with only about 20 minute to get from one flight to another in Charlotte.  The weather out here so far is great, not the humidity I have back home in NC.  Haven't made it to the gym yet.  Will get signed up this coming Saturday at the latest.  Looking forward to it for sure, loved it last year.  Going to be different this year with 87 pounds total loss.  Need to get a bathing suit that fits.  I had bought one a couple sizes smaller than what I thought I would wear (at my daughters suggestion).  Arghhh this "apron" is really a problem.  She has a suit that she bought for herself when she was pregnant last year and never wore it, Brought it downstairs so I could try it on.  Mind you, she was a personal trainer so very physically fit and 5'7" and normally about 140.  Well, after tugging and shoving in, she got me into her bathing suit.  lol.. Me inheriting a handmedown from my physically great youngest daughter.. what a hoot..  lol   Eating has been on the low side, hard to get back on a schedule with the time difference, etc..  Keeping under on the calories, carbs, and still up on the proteins.  So still doing good.  Have actually lost 3 lbs since I left NC..(hope it isn't just her scale).  Feeling good except for my lower back still.  



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