Aug 16, 2015

I have been in California since July 22nd.  It has been soooo hard to get into a routine since I have been here.  I was so looking forward to getting back into the water aerobics like I was last year but it is at 9 in the morning.  The only late offered is on Monday and Wednesday at 6.  Due to Bryson (11 month old grandson) only being fond of one of the sitters in the daycare, that is the only time we can go in the evenings (M-F about 5pm).  I could go in the mornings but gas prices are on the high side here so have to be conservative as far as the gas goes.  At least I am getting in other exercise such as leg press, rowing machine, and recumbent bike on those other days.  Eating has not been on schedule as I had before in NC.  I'm trying; I am sure it will get better this coming week.  I use the Atkins frozen dinners for a bit of my meals and have only found them at one store here so far.  Got some yesterday so YAY!!!!!  It is slow for sure but my weight is down to 176.8 from a high of 269--249 this time last year.  It is much easier to move around for sure.  I have become "carb" paranoid.. lol... Want some oatmeal and popcorn (not together) but not venturing there although I know the oatmeal would be a good alternative for breakfast.  Head hunger is sooo present at times, but then again, so is the restriction.  It is easier to feel it and stop than it has been.  Guess I am becoming more aware of things.  

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