May update

May 20, 2009

Long time no see, I know. Well I am amazed again I am down to 197lbs now from 306. My shirts are down from a 22 neck (5x) to a 17 1/2 neck(large) shirt. My pants are now a 36-38 (mens) down from a 54.  In dress down clothes liike t shirts, sweats I wear a medium/large. My first goal was 180lbs, my surgeons goal is/was 150lbs, my new goal is 175lbs, but I would like to build up a few pounds of solid muscle, but with the wedding so close, school, work and work at home I rarely have time to work out. I do run every other night for about 2 miles then on other nights i do about 200 crunches on the ab rocket. But I know to build and tone the serious muscle I want I must do more.

Well all, until my next update. See you on the boards.

Almost in onederland.

Apr 02, 2009


One April 10th I will be 7 months out and 100lbs down. right now I an down 98 lbs. I started at 306.  I can not even begin to tell you how amazed I am. I never thought I would loose so much so fasrt, even after hearing all the stories on here.

Thanks to my O family.

PS how do I get my badge?

Long awaited update

Sep 04, 2008

Well just to update everyone, I have finished all my required appointments and I just got the approval call after doing some digging myself. My surgery is scheduled for September 10th, which I knew this date for about 3 months now. Dr. Strom's office is wonderful and very skilled. I be on the boards alot so I really dont post blogs so you you guys on the boards. I will try to update my blog more often.


May 26, 2008

Hello everyone I went to my 1st of 3 Nutritionist visits on Saturday May 24, 2008. It was a group setting and about 15 or more people. To my surprise alot of people where having the band vs my decision to have the full gastric. 

The class was very informative and exciting, but I wa troubled hearing some people speaking of how they could just cut up burgers and pizza small enough to consume.I was thinking, with that mindset they wont loose any weight. Thats something to think about atleast a year or so down the line once your life gets back to normal not before you even loose a pound. 

My next appointment is June 25, 08 and then one to go . During this time (june) I hae to make several other appointments and get those esults. With BCBS I have a $50 co-pay with a specialist so, by me spacing them out I can do one appointment per month and be finished in August. This is because I already have a Pulminologist. 

Ohh the best part is I lost 4 lbs without even trying. She also gave me samples of UNJURY so I will be trying it over the course of a week or so. When I used to body build I used to use Body Fortress so I am pretty experienced in Protiens, but I am interested in the bullets and the already made versions found on this site. well may the best be with you on your journeys.

Consult Update

May 20, 2008

Well I went to my consult yesturday with Dr. Strom, and it was amazing. I already had the paperwork filled out because I went to their site and printed it so it cut down on wait time. But if I didnt fill it out prior or needed help the office manager will fill it out for you and she will just ask the questions. 

I went into the room and got weighed and BP taken, then the doc came in and asked what type of surgery (bypass or band) did I want I said bypass. He began to go get his giant chart and explain everything to me. (as if I hadnt already did my research, lol) but it was nice to see. 

He then took me into his office and we began to fill out my paperwork for the insurance company, he also had his head nurse there to expidite the process.  They filled out everything out and helped me to understand the whole process. 

i got my date right then and there, he said because of my co occuring he said i should get an approval. 

He began to set dates for my other required appoints. I need 3months of nutritionist classes, my first one is this Saturday.  I already have my Pulminologist so I met that requirement already and the others are scheduled throughout this 3 month waiting period.


Tidal wave

Apr 23, 2008

I recently went to a consult with a surgeon my Dr. referred me to and I felt the consult was crap. I spent fifty bucks (copay) on a 5 minute consult. He said you need 6 months of nutritionist monitoring and all these other requirements before he will even apply to the insurance company.  Any I came back to work and to my surprise my associate h cowoker is also trying to get this suregery well she want the lap band, well she introduced me to Dr. Strom from the Bariatric center in Mountainside Hospital and he has a office in Montclair also and he is affiliated with Claraa Maas. So I made me a consult appointment it is for May 19 I know far awaya but the good thing about this hospital and this program is they have the psy, nutritionist, cadiologist, pulminologist, nurses and any other required clearance right on the team and on the premisses. They all work together. Dr. Strom's team is awesome, check them out,
This place is awesome. Also they say complete all the necessary appointments and you can havfe the surgery for as quick as 3 months. They also have been working with my particular insurance (BCBS of NJ) and they get 98% approval on the first try. So never the less I can not wait til next month.

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