Well, I can't belive I am finally doing this. Hello everyone, I have been overweight all of my life. I have tried ALL the famous diet's, and yes did loose and re-gain and loose again, you know the cycle.

I was married for 20+ years and I hate to say it but the only thing good that came out of it was the birth of my (2) boys. I finally woke up after so many years of verbal and mental abuse, lucky for me there was never any physical abuse. 

They boys were finally the age where they more or less understood and was able to see how unhappy I was. I finally left what I called my "Cell" which was my bedroom. I would make sure the boys were taken care of and then I would leave for work early and often offer to stay late so I wouldn't have to go back to my"Cell".

Once I got out, I realized that there was a world out there and I wanted to be in it. When I left I was at 525lbs. which was my highest. I was not able to do much of anything.

I was on the computer two days after 09/11 and got a email from someone, that I did not know. Well being new to the "world" I was excited,scared,thrilled,etc. I had heard about all the computer scares of meeting someone on-line. Well we started chatting, emailing, then eventually calling. I couldn't believe this man was intrested in me. I was so large and felt real bad about myself, what could he possible want with me.

Well, we finally meet, I had my girlfriend go with me and we meet in a public place. It went great, it for sure wasn't what I expected. We started going out to movies, walks,bingo, just general dating stuff. He would hold my hand and or put his arm around me, even in public, go figure...:) I thought I was dreaming. Everyone told me that he was too good to be true, well he wasn't. 

We married and are still very much in love today. We have been through so much allready, not counting my WLS. We are both diabetic's he is a below knee amputee and only as his little pinky toe on the other. He is now on the insulin pump and is doing better.

Like I said my highest weight was 525, in July'05 I was 495, July '06 I was 489, I am now at 449 that was before my surgery on 08/21/07. I go back on 09/11/07 for my first weight check and see if I need any adjustments. I will try to keep posting reports.

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