What's eating me?

Jan 01, 2019

After reading an article on OH about weight and mental health, I asked myself the question, "what is eating me?" At first I was sure there wasn't anything, I have dealt with mdd since I was 13, so I know what it feels like to be majorly depressed. I did a quick think through and decided life is good I feel positive about the future! However, as I looked at my weight gain it had been increasing, but not at a rapid pace until...oh yeah, my Mom passed in March 2017 exactly one week prior to what would be their 50th wedding anniversary. Sad, she'd had early onset AZ, was living her retirement years with zest and joy, so I had spent several months in therapy, dealing with the grief. Dad & I had always been close so I left my teaching job and joined him in the business we co own in August 17. However, by September he was engaged to a woman he met online. They were married in October, 3 days before what would have been my Mom's 70th birthday. The new woman hated my Mom's beautiful 1893 Victorian home, all of the furniture, decor, she couldn't wait to sell what had been their (and my childhood) home of 42 years. I convinced my Dad to buy her a new house, rent the house to my daughter her husband and our 2 grandsons (who were just leaving the military in CA).

So nothing is eating me...right?!? I have tried to put them from my life, I had made peace with it...right?!?  Good news: I have identified what is eating me up. Bad news: WLS cannot excise this blight from my life.

Now what????


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