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Jan 12, 2019

I keep hearing the Doors song in my head, "break on through to the other side." I feel like I have! Surgery day my whole body was trimmering as I thought, am I sure about doing this?!? I had been headed down the scale with the liquid diet and felt confident about that. Did I have to have the procedure too?

However, my husband was supportive and held my hand right up to the last second, he said the first thing I said when I woke up was, "I love you." which was good I'd heard people can say weird things..

The stay in the hospital was hard, but as someone who has had 2 c sections this was the same deal. Can't get comfortable in their bed, getting up and down hurts and I couldn't have anything to eat or drink post op until they did the "swallow test."

I apparently had an undiagnosed hernia so the surgery fixed a huge issue while I was there, as well as my WLS.


Glad to be home, I slept so good in my bed last night and now I am going for a short walk. They really do help!

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