Jan 17, 2019

When I got my stitches out the nurse said, "you need to get walking" of course I knew she was right but shuffling around my house was tiring. She said, "get out, go to the store and walk around." So this morning I had a dentist appt and hubby said he need a quick run to the store, so I asked to tag along, ironically I needed a battery for my pedometer. 

I ate shortly before we walked out, set my 30 minute timer for my water, and off we went. By the time we got there of course I am already so thirsty! Why do these protein shakes make you so thirsty? We got inside and I could barely keep up with hubby, but mostly the thirst was crazy.Then dentist visit, as soon as we got out I hit the car & grabbed my water. Then our financial advisor's office is next door and I had a message during WLS that I needed to sign something, we sat and visited a bit but my mouth grew so dry that I could barely speak, and I had been sipping all the way from the store to the dentist. Protein drinks are becoming my enemy...quickly!

I feel so tired and I can't help but wonder, is this normal? Not taking any medications, so it isn't that. Today is 1 week post op. THIS has got to get better.


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