Good Days & Better Days

Jan 20, 2019

Today has been a good day, pain diminishes every day, eating had been good until today: I learned a valuable lesson.

Food can be friend OR foe. This morning I got up happily and was chatting with my son in the kitchen, making breakfast, cream of wheat, a childhood favorite that I have added in this week. Today was the 3rd time and so you'd think I would have been easy, nope made it too thick. I took my last bite and set my 30 minute timer to wait until I started on my water and bam! I could feel it was stuck, an hour later I was able to come out of the bathroom and stand upright. WOW, lesson learned the hard way. Thinned cream of wheat

Overall though, weight continues to drop...even from the "girls" husband hasn't even seemed sad. He is so happy with my enthusiam and seeing me feeling better every day, and I almost feel like we are headed towards a bright horizon in our relationship.

Most fun this week I planned my own birthday party, and since about 40 I have dreaded birthdays. This one seems special so I invited all of the kids & my grandkids to come over for an omelet party. Something I can totally have (by then) and it used to be a Sunday night favorite when the kids were little because each person could choose their fillings.

So today was a good day, which means tomorrow can only get better!


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