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Jan 30, 2019

I got a call yesterday about my blood work, menopause. Wow, wasn't expecting that, and at first I was just stunned. I looked in the mirror and thought but I look young, then as I drifted off to sleep I thought I wanted my Mom. We always had candid conversations about everything and I was sad she couldn't be there for me now. Today I woke up though and sat with it a while and feel like this is just another step in life and I have rolled with the punches this far, so just keep on rollin'.

So I hit a "stall" over the weekend where my weight just stuck for several days. I had been walking every day, still eating according to plan, so I was frustrated. Instead of letting myself get caught up I decided to do a weekly weigh in rather than daily. I picked Wednesday since that is the day I do my measurements as well. So today I hopped on the scale and my stall was broken by a 2 lb loss. I felt so proud of myself, especially since that 2lbs represented hitting my halfway mark AND a 15% loss of my original weight!

I continue to have NSV too, going to an actual movie theater and sitting comfortably through a movie. So fun!

Every day more of my clothes fit, a great victory since I have lots of cute clothes!

Tomorrow is therapy day and I am looking forward to talking about everything going on.


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