New Day/New Year

Feb 09, 2019

Yesterday was my birthday and I usually don't get too excited about those. However, I was feeling so amazing after my surgery I called all of my kids and invited them to an omelet party. Something they all enjoyed as kids and something I knew I could eat & enjoy with them.

We had such fun, my kids and grandkids all gathered around, which is my favorite thing. When our house is noisy and filled with laughter it feels like HOME.

Being able to get on the floor and roll around and play with these most precious people in my life, it was one NSV I will never forget.

I said before having WLS is like a birthday, it opens up your life in so many ways. So many ways that have nothing to do with a number. This being my first birthday after WLS gave me a whole new appreciation for the gift of life and having the gift of a healthy life...priceless.


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