Another NS win

Mar 17, 2019

and non - scale wins are becoming my favorite thing more and more often.

Which is not to say that I don't look forward to seeing my numbers move, actually last week we headed out for a week of vacation and one of my first thoughts was how much I hated missing my scale and being able to weigh in. What is funny about that is that my numbers had been stuck for about a week or two. I even thought maybe I could find a Walgreens and grab one off the shelf to jump on (and test) prior to deciding to purchase or not. I did NOT do this because I was having a blast, enjoying myself and my weight was the last thing I was worried about!

So back to non scale fun. At my highest weight I could barely walk around the block in my neighborhood. While on vacation in New Orleans we didn't even get our car from the hotel garage. We literally walked everywhere and it was so wonderful, being my new healthier version of me I wasn't winded, exhausted or in pain. (okay so I had blisters on my toes but not hip or knee pain like I had been living with for the last 5 + years)

I also wasn't self conscious wondering if people were noticing how big I was, or feeling sorry for me because of my weight. Actually my clothes were so loose! I didn't want to shop pre travel becuase I haven't hit my goal but I was able to go though my closet and "shop" my old cute clothes and that was fun! Plus I also prepped for the trip by pulling out items that were too big and loading up for charity. FUN! Bye old fat clothes!

Lastly I did weigh the day after we got home and I had lost weight, those days of walking miles and miles had paid off huge dividends.

I love seeing and feeling the results of my WLS both physically and mentally!

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