Mar 10, 2010

well its been about3 weeks since my surgery and my energy level is not 100% but its getting better. I do however have a hard time getting in my protein or eating for that matter. I am just not hurgry. I lost about 30 pounds in 3 weeks so I am happy about that. I am just ready to get back out in life and start shopping and just living. All my time I am at home just too tried to go anywhere. I want that to change. But other than that I am ok
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Feb 27, 2010

Well my surgery went fine. I stayed in the hosptial 3 days it was the at home that was hell. I came home and I thought I was doing good but then I started throwing up spit and it did not stop. 5 days later I am back in the hosptial getting fuilds and and upper GI test done. I stayed in the hosptial another 3 days.  Well I am always tried and I do sip sip sip but I want the triedness to go away.

I have a date!!!!!

Feb 02, 2010

I have a date and my gastric bypass is on Feb.16 with Dr. Burrowes at Atlanta Medical Center. I am so anxious and nervous all at the same time.


Oct 24, 2009

I went to see Dr. Steinberg on Oct.16 and loved his office staff. They were fast and friendly, which I love.  I can't decide which doctor to go with. I like both of them and think both of them will provide me with excellent care. I just going to wait and see since I have 90 days of pre op to do.

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Oct 01, 2009

I went to see Dr. Burrows on 10-1-09 and I am so excited and yet nervous. I still have 4months of group sessions and supervised weight but yet it seems to close. I can't wait. I have decided to go with a RNY with a fobi pouch. My last ten years of my life I have been overweight and I am ready to make that change for good.

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