Happy Summer 2009

Jul 23, 2009

8/24/2009 - It's Official. I'm the world's oldest Freshman. Today I start another Journey.... I returned to college. I'm studying @ Edison State College. If all goes well I'm in the rapid recovery program (thank you President Obama) and I will be done June 2011. I'm going for the Radiology Program and hope to become an MRI Technologist. On a personal note, I'm not happy with the recent weight gain. It's my own fault. To much soda, to much candy, to much sugar. Today I began a cleansing program and I will not eat junk food. Funny how old habits creep back up even after almost 4 yrs. Current Weight = 163

7/23/2009 - WOW, i haven't posted since March of this year. I'm so bad..... but I have great news. After life handing me lemons, I found a way to make lemonade out it. I lost my job on March 10th and at first thought I was paralyzed with fear at the thought of not being able to provide for my family.

I made a decision to return to school and will begin 8/24 @ Edison State College in their radiology program. I have met a wonderful person who lights up my life and shares my passion for life. Together I think we'll be moving in the right direction toward a loving life.

WOW is all I can say

PS: I went boogie boarding for the 1st time in my life. OK - I'm so sore today but what a rush yesterday when I road the waves in

My foot is broken but I managed to still enjoy myself.

Today is my fiend Jean's birthday. I'm sending birthday blessing her way. She has to have surgery tomorrow. I'm hoping and praying that all goes well.


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