Happy Valentine's/Birthday to me!

Feb 13, 2012

2/13/2012 - WOW! I can't believe I haven't posted in such a long time. My life since the RNY has dramtically changed sometimes for the better sometimes not so much but none the less it has changed. I'm approaching my 47th birthday and currently weight 155lbs. I'm studing to become a radiographic technologist and have about 1.5 years still ahead of me. I have a hectic school/hospital schedule but know that I wouldn't be able to be doing this if I were still obese. It's a strenous job at time and I'm on my feet for 7+ hours but I love it.

I continue to have panic attacks related to the POTS but am managing with this. I have a great neurologist who listens to me and care for me with compassion.

I'm so happy to be alive and to be here to see my son and family, friends. I truly believe that this surgery saved my life!

Thank you God and Please bless Dr Raul Rosenthal - who saved my life!

PS: At almost 47 years of age - I just crossed of another WOW moment - I was in a music video for Gloria Estefan! DANCE DANCE DANCE!


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