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Jan 12, 2010

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That's it?

Mar 16, 2008

Well kids, since last we spoke, I've had my surgery, but as usual...let's rewind.

It turns out that the pill pushing dr. meant to say thyroid ultrasound and not thyroid scan.  What I had was the ultrasound.  When I went back in January for a visit that is when he referred me for the uptake scan.  Also at this visit I spoke with the clinical manager and told her I wanted to switch docs.  She asked me why and I told her and it seemed that she had heard it all before and was very accommodating.  

January 25 
My file was submitted to Aetna

 February 5 
Approval letter was in my mailbox.  A few days later I got the call from the surgeons office to schedule my date, and they were trying to get me in before month end but due to my having to be off my thyroid meds for 2 weeks in order to do the scan, I told them to schedule it about 1 month after the scan so that my meds would be back in my system and working.  Scheduled for 3/10 

February 14
Part 1 of thyroid uptake scan.  The levels were crazy, so they had me come back the next day for pictures.

March 5  
I had to go sign new consent forms and meet with anesthesiology again.  I was freaking out because I knew that I had gained the 10lbs that I had lost for my original surgery date and I was so paranoid about what dr. Johnson might say.  I had "last supper syndrome" bad this time around.  I think that I had a lot of anxiety about something going wrong again so I was just eating whatever the hell I wanted.  I wasn't eating a lot, but I was eating all wrong.  I have always had a really bad habit of eating one big meal a day then grazing the rest of the time.  So, this was not a good time.  For about a week prior to this appointment, I had been practically starving myself by doing medifast…(I had left over product from when I did it last year)  Turns out he didn’t say a thing.  I left there like, well hell; I’m eating whatever the hell I want till Saturday!!!  Surprisingly though, I did not pig out.  I ate once a day; I just ate what I wanted.  I also had an endocrinologist appointment this day with the new doctor.  I don’t even feel like re-hashing it, but let’s just say that he was a douche bag too and I’ll be switching practices. 

March 10 
The big day.  Completely uneventful.  I arrived at the hospital at 10 minutes to 7 for my 9am surgery.  They were running late so I actually got wheeled into the OR at 10:30.  I scooted onto the other table and they began to put the monitors on me and strap my arms and secure my legs.  When doves cry was playing and I remember thinking how nice, I love Prince, if I didn’t wake up how fitting and peaceful this would be.  The anesthesiologist put a mask on my face for a few seconds then another and told me to breathe deeply.  I swear I was out in probably less than 60 seconds.  I don’t remember being in recovery at all.  My first recollection is hearing some music and I said “turn that shit down”  I heard everyone laughing about it and saying she’s not going to remember that and then I heard  my friend and my family talking about me allegedly being a diva and being hardheaded about having anyone take care of me after surgery.  My mouth was drrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and I was awake but not so much.  The next two days were pretty much the typical hospital stay, get comfortable and doze off and get awakened for vitals and meds.  I had no issues, no pain and no complications.  The leak test was horrific.  There has got to be a way to make that contrast taste better.  The most uncomfortable part was the gas on the second day right before the big... 

  I lost count.

I wasn’t too crazy about the drain tube removal either but at least it was quick.  I was discharged on Wednesday and got home around

March 16, 2008 
Since then I’m fine.  I have not been in pain at all, I would describe it as soreness and tenderness like when you get real sick and cough a whole lot and everything is sore.  I woke up on my belly one night and that didn’t help.  I took some pain meds and went back to sleep, but I have not had any pain meds since the day after I came home.  I never needed the nausea medication at all.  And I didn't need anyone to take care of me.  I've been here alone and actually drove a few places on Friday and yesterday.  I am so thankful that thus far my case has been issue free.  I can not thank God enough because I was really nervous about the anesthesia and complications.  I was confident about the surgery itself.  I’ve sucked at getting all my protein in.  Today will be the first day that I will be successful in getting all 3 in and I plan to do right for the rest of the week.  I start phase 3 of my diet on Thursday.  I’m looking forward to a bit of variety, but I’m also over it before it even begins because I have no appetite.  I actually stepped on the scale this morning and it appears I’m down 20 lbs.  It’s amazing.  I saw some very small changes in my body and face and thought I was crazy, so I went to the scale.  Even though it verified what I saw I’m still in denial.  Numbers don’t lie though.  I hope this is a sign of many more great weigh ins to come!!!  Till next time kids. 



















Well What Had Happened Was...

Jan 12, 2008

Told you I'd be sucking at maintaining this blog

Ok, let's rewind to October 2007...

In October I attended the informational seminar, had my initial consult with Dr. Johnson and did my lab work.  In the midst of all this I found out that my company was not offering BCBS for 2008 which meant that everything would need to be fast tracked.  I, as one who thrives under pressure, made sure to mention this to everyone I spoke to from that moment on as I believe in being proactive even without added pressure.  When I had made my consult appt I was also given an apt for the NUT.  October 31...who could forget that?  So on 10/30, I called the office to verify my appointment time because I had a meeting at work around the same time and I just needed to know what I was juggling.  Well Susie, the office coordinator informed me that I did not have an apt.  IRRITATED, but not mad yet.  I was on my way to a meeting, so I basically told her please work it out and call me back.  So she called back and had "fit me in" to 11/07 and acted like she had just turned water into wine.  She goes on to tell me about how busy and booked they are and how lucky I am to get in that soon.  She then goes on to put her foot in her mouth by telling me that the NUT appts are made at time of consult and that's what should have happened.  I told her "Well it was, and you're the one who scheduled it."  Of course she then begins to back peddle.  I asked her if there was any way I could get in at the end of the day since I would already be coming out that night for the mandatory support group meeting.  She’s all no, that’s all there is and basically acted like I was lucky to get that.  NOW I'm mad.  Not my fault you bumped me LAST WEEK.  Now I gotta drive out there and back twice in one day.  Whatever though, I go on about my day.   

November 7
I met with the NUT and made the mistake of being honest with her about my eating habits.  The only thing is that those were my eating habits AT THE TIME, I was kind of off the wagon so to speak, it definitely did not represent my general habits, but I did eat the steak egg and cheese bagel none the less, so  Anywho, she was not pleased and wrote me a little program to follow and told me to come back in 3 weeks.  3 WEEKS.   So I'm SUPER PISSED.  Why?
1) she RUSHED through my $50 not covered by insurance appointment
2) she was very short, condescending and quite frankly rude.  I felt like she was sitting there thinking "fatass, she'll never make it"
3) 3 weeks was a delay that I just did not need
4) follow up would entail another $50 not covered by insurance appointment.

Well, what she didn't know was that everything she wrote down for me to eat were things that I eat anyway when I'm "on the wagon" so it was no problem for me.  I knew that I had been a bit out of control and needed to rein it back in, so going to the grocery store was a pleasure.  For the next 3 weeks I ate what I was supposed to and wrote it down obsessively, I really took her attitude as a challenge and I was not going to let her win.  Of course during this timeframe, there was a project at my job, and THEY PROVIDED US BREAKFAST AND LUNCH EVERYDAY FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT.   What's a girl to do?  STICK TO HER DIET, THAT'S WHAT.  I did it, and when I did eat from the corporate trough, (only twice) I chose wisely and proudly wrote it down.

Attended support group meeting

November 13
I did my psych consult and the Dr. was really cool, very nice lady, the kind you strike up a conversation with at the market and walk away thinking "wow, I like her!"  Very non threatening (so don't be scared about the psych eval people!)  She also gave me some off the record analysis/advice based on our conversation She actually told me something that EVERYONE has been telling me about myself, something that I know too, and I know that there is something that I need to take care of in my life.  I realize that in some way my weight has prevented me from doing some things that would net me the life that I always envisioned for myself and I'm happy to report that as of today (1/12/08) I have taken some steps to correct it all...very hush hush right now, but stay tuned! 

November 26
I called the surgeons office to make sure that they had received my psych eval and PCP letter.  I wanted to be sure that once the NUT signed off on my follow up on Wednesday my file would be ready to submit.  LaTonya informed me that they weren't there.  I called both to make sure they would send them.  Both told me they already had, but would gladly do again.  My PCP even faxed me a copy of my own.

November 27
I called back to see if the documents had been received and spoke with Mildred who casually states "yes they're here, but you know, I'm looking at your chart and your TSH levels are a bit low, very low actually and Dr.  Johnson wants you to follow up with your PCP."  She then goes on to (mis)inform me that this is the sign of an under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) and that BCBS is not going to approve me if my thyroid is the problem and blah, blah, blah.  

Ok, so I am FURIOUS now.  


I did my labs on 10/25.  Let's say they took about a week, hell, let's be generous and say 2 weeks to come back...that would have been on or around November 8.  Aside from the fact that I was physically in the office on November 7th between November 7-27, I spoke with several people in that office who looked at my file as they spoke to me...independent of surgery, when the @#$! was someone going to tell me that my blood work was funky and I needed to follow up with my PCP?

November 28
I had my follow up appt with the NUT and she was pleased as punch.  I lost 9lbs and she just gushed over my food diary.  I swear she seemed like an entirely different person and I felt like I was in the twilight zone.   I felt guilty that I had entertained thoughts of making a voodoo doll of her likeness.  (j/k) She told me that she keeps track of everything that is submitted and she would check on the progress of my file when she came back in on the 4th. I gave her the physician's checklist freshly downloaded from the BCBS website to give to the girl who submits to insurance, it had my name and SSN filled out on top and everything-remember this
In the mean time I had been fighting a battle with various members of the office staff who seemed to not understand or care about the urgency of my situation.  What's so hard to understand about MY COVERAGE IS ENDING AT
MIDNIGHT DECEMBER 31ST?????  Around this time, I had met someone who was going through the same surgeon as me and when she shared that she was having the same problems I was, I was comforted, but re-pissed!!  While it was a comfort to have someone to talk to, it actually made the situation itself more frustrating, because that meant that that's just how they roll up in that office.  Not good. 

Also, Mildred, who had been nothing but nice up until this point seemed to turn on me as well.  While speaking to her one day she seemed very nonchalant about my case and so as I begin to remind her that my coverage was ending she cuts me off with "so is 942 other people's"  I was floored.  I told her, "you know, I know I'm not the only patient who may have special circumstances, but quite frankly, I don't care about 942 other people, my concern is making sure I'm being taken care of, and of those 942 other people, I'm quite sure not many of them are in the same situation as me" (coverage ending for good ball already rolling)  Seriously, what are the odds?  

At some point I also spoke with Susie who basically told me I was pushing it in regards to completion by year end and that they didn't have my 5 year weights and etc.  Under my BCBS policy those were not required, so she basically was talking out of turn.  Also, I had already completed EVERYTHING by November 7th.  I only needed to do the follow up with the NUT, so I don't know what the hell she was talking about.

November 29
The office manager Amanda calls me to inform me that they are about to submit my file to BCBS and she just needed to verify which procedure I wanted.  I briefly explained the issue of the TSH levels and told her to hold off because I was going to my PCP to do blood work that day.  She says ok

Meanwhile, I went to my PCP and had blood work, again the levels came back low, the Dr said the lab still had the blood, so they would ask the lab to run the T3 and T4 individually to see why the overall TSH was so low.  Well turns out my T4 was very high and I'll spare you the detail, but basically this is hyperthyroidism and I was referred to an endocrinologist.  The earliest I could get in was 12/13

Funny thing is that I had just had a physical in September and they were normal, so I decide, well, let's submit anyway since everything is done, and I'll work with my Dr on this 

Even funnier is the fact that I had agonized over having WLS, finally came to a decision and was being road blocked by a brand new diagnosis of a condition that tends to make you loose weight with no effort at all.  Irony, much like her ugly cousin Karma, is a b*tch.

November 30
I called the surgeons office to tell them to go ahead and submit and spoke with Mildred who is still nay-saying and blah, blah, blahing.

At this point, I decided to go straight to the source...BCBS.

Remember that I had opened a case some time ago, so by this time there was a case manager assigned.  She was not available, so I ended up speaking with another case manager who informed me that 

1) they had contacted my surgeon’s office a few days ago and spoke to Mildred and asked about my paperwork and were told they would be submitting shortly.  They faxed the physician checklist (same form I gave them) because they claimed they didn't have it
2) BCBS DOES NOT HAVE ANY POLICY ON THEIR BOOKS THAT WOULD DEEM THEY AUTOMATICALLY DENY ANY SURGERY BASED ON TSH LEVELS OR ANY OTHER LAB RESULT.  She went on to state that there are many factors and that they (surgeons office) ARE NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANY and they need to submit my d*mn paperwork!  (I added the d*mn and exclamation point.)

My personal case manager called me shortly after that as well and reiterated the same thing.  She told me that if they submit everything she can have an approval in as little as 24 hrs.

I called my surgeons office back and told them all of this and they STILL wanted to argue, stating that all the BCBS they send like that have been pushed back etc, etc.  Whatever.

December 3
Per the instruction of the case manager, I called to follow up and found that my file was not submitted on Friday.  Was given a very non convincing "oh I'll do it today" and as I began to say something, I was hung up on by a person who shall remain nameless.  Of course I called right back and asked why and stated that I wasn't finished speaking yet.  She actually had the audacity to give me a reason why she hung up as if it were acceptable!!!!  I won't dignify the reason by mentioning it, but let's just say it was a personal emotional problem and completely unacceptable in any line of work.  I stated hey, I know you guys are busy, I'll come get the ppwk and fax it myself, she then ask me if I have the physician checklist and so I probed that a bit and she basically intimated that it wasn't filled out yet and that I'd need that.---yes, the REQUIRED sheet that not only I had given them, but BC had sent to them as well.  I wondered how they were ready to submit on Friday if this hadn’t been done yet?

I called the office mgr about being hung up on and all the pushback and apathy and she apologized for the nameless girl's IGNORANT @SS but at the same time offered excuses.  I told her look, I know I'm not your only client, I know it's busy, and I know half your patients got drama, but being hung up on is unacceptable under any circumstances and I don't appreciate it AT ALL.  She then attempted to explain the push back and said "oh, well we want you all to get taken care of but we have to make sure everything is thorough and blah, blah blah".  She then said something about BCBS of GA and their policies.   I stated, I don't have
BCBS GA , my plan is governed out of NY.  She's like "oooooohhhhhhhhh  Well that may be the distinction, all the ones we see are GA.  Well ok, I'll make sure it gets submitted today and the checklist may be something I can go ahead and fill out”  (yes, the same checklist they've had for a month) And furthermore, in your quest to be so thorough, seems you would have known exactly what kind of policy I had before you went telling me what they would and would not do.

December 4

Guess what?  I had a verbal approval from my case manager within 24 hours.  I was happy, but I wanted to fight.  I was just so irked by all the drama and know-it-all-itiveness (yes, I make up words, don’t judge me) that had come from the surgeons office.  I wanted to go to the office in person just to say I told you so and perhaps leave some noxious flatulence as I exited.  

Like  TAKE THAT!  

I got my approval letter over the weekend and called the office on Monday to make sure they had as well.  MIldred told me to fax my copy of the approval letter just in case, so I did.  On Tuesday, I called to make sure they had it and was told yes, but LaTonya had a BIG STACK of approvals and she was getting through them as best she could. 

December 13

LaTonya calls me to schedule my date and gives me 12/27 with a 12/18 NUT appt and a 12/19 pre op with the doc and anesthesiology.  I'll say now that she is the one that had hung up on me previously, but during this call she was nothing but nice and professional.  I hung up truly thinking I was crazy.

I went to the endocrinologist and could not see who my Dr referred me to, instead I got stuck with some fidgety little guy who couldn't explain a damn thing to me, but he was clearly down on the idea of RNY and extolled to me the virtues of the LAP BAND being able to be done lap.  

I told him, my GB will be done lap as well, and they're both major surgery so I don't see any distinction, what I want to know from you, is what are the risks of surgery if any.  What can you do to regulate my TSH levels and get my thyroid problem under control for surgery.   I went on to explain that independent of surgery, I had been referred to treat my newly diagnosed condition  

I don't think he likes me.

He tells me he can RX something but goes on to naysay about how this is not something that can be fixed in weeks and can I cancel my surgery and blah, blah blah.  I told him if I have to cancel, fine, my life and safety are most important, but if this can be treated to get me safe for surgery let's do it.

He then goes on to tell me they can to a thyroid scan to see exactly what the problem is.  I say great, fine, let's.  He then back peddles and tells me oh, no rush, you can do that in 6 weeks follow up.  He told me they would do blood work that day and to come back on the 18th for blood work also to see what the meds were doing, but basically don't hold my breath.

WTF kind of Dr. pushes a pill then tells you oh, testing can wait?  I was dumbfounded.  Needless to say after fumin, sleeping on it and obtaining free medical advice, (Big shouts out to Missy) I called the next day and demanded the scan ASAP.  The person I spoke to seemed a bit dumbfounded as well and told me I could come in Tuesday.  

December 17 
Day 1 of my annual end of year vacation, I called the office to verify my appt time because it was on a post it note at my office.  Spoke with Mildred who at this point,  morphed into a 10 pound bag of sugar with "see, I told you we'd get you taken care of"  




December 18
Had the scan and blood work.  Asked to speak w/ clinical mgr about switching doctors (I had been told that’s what I would have to do)  She wasn't available so they asked if she could call me, I said sure, no problem.  (As January 12, no call to date.)

Went to the preop NUT appt.  There were 4 other people in there, not 942.  Only 1 besides me was having surgery by year end.

December 19
Went to pre op appt w/ surgeon.  There were 2 other people there, not 942.  Only 1 besides me was having surgery by year end.

Went to hospital for apt with anesthesiology.  In looking over my charts they were a bit concerned by my TSH and creatine levels.  Explained to them my newly diagnosed hyperthyroidism and recent saga.  They drew blood and got on the phone with my endocrinologist office to confer with him over the blood work I'd already had with him and told me they would call me as soon as they spoke with him and got a yea/nay on proceeding with surgery on 12/27.  I headed home knowing that it would be cancelled.  You can hope, but in your gut you know.  

December 20
*Queue Charlie Brown music*
Surgery cancelled.  DRATS!  Endocrinologist called me himself, tells me postpone it a few weeks.  So close but yet so far.  I didn't have a few weeks; basically, my approval that was so dramatically and tenaciously obtained would be wasted.

Stephanie from anesthesiology called me shortly after Dr. Pill Pusher and said the same and told me that all my labs and such would be good for 6 months and told me it was for the best, and don’t worry they’d see me soon.  

I will insert here that Emory John's Creek hospital is the absolute bomb.  Stephanie was just the last in the line of staff that I have interacted with in these past few months and EVERYONE has been nothing but pleasant, professional and just flat out nice.  It's a great hospital with excellent staff and patient care.

I called Dr. Johnson to tell him the news and he was a little bummed and irritated.  He stated "he couldn't tell you this any sooner?"  

I didn't have the heart to tell him that quite frankly (IMHO) the delay came from his office not telling me to follow up with my PCP in the first place until the last friggin minute.

December 21  
Got a call from the endocrinologist office stating my potassium is low and Dr wants to call an RX in for me.

I told the nurse that my PCP told me to get some OTC potassium months ago.  I did purchase it,   but never really took it.  Well, given that I ask out of curiosity/money-saving-ology does it have to be RX?

I still to this day have no answer on why it needs to be RX.

I asked about my blood work and she told me my TSH was up some, but she then tells me “oh, he’s not too concerned about that, he wants you to get the potassium.  How can he not be concerned about my TSH when that is what I went to him for?  I began to pray, cause lord knows I did not want to get locked up on a holiday weekend.

January 1
I woke up itching so I scratched.  It itched some more, so I scratched some more, but when I went to scratch the 2nd time it felt a little strange…like bubble wrap.  The itching intensified so I thought, “hmmm, my skin is probably dry” I jumped in the shower and moisturized and went about my day.  About 9pm, I begin to itch again but this time it’s INTENSE and quickly spreading.  Within the hour I am praying for death.  After being off of work for 2 weeks, I’m supposed to return on January 2nd.  I remembered at that point something about possible rash with the medication that the endocrinologist put me on.  I go find the handout and sure enough, that’s what it said.  It also says stop taking immediately even if it’s a weekend and go in for blood work the next business day.  At about 1am I speed to the nearest 24 somewhere to get some Benadryl.  On the way I leave a message for the endocrinologist nurse explaining what’s going on. By this point, I have welts EVERYWHERE.  The pharmacist takes one look at me and tells me you are allergic to something and you need to call your Dr. first thing in the morning.  No sh*t. 

January 2
Benadryl helps me through the night and I go to the endocrinologist office to do blood work 1st thing in the morning.  As I leave I call my PCP to see if I can come in to get something, anything to help me with the God awful outbreak that has taken over my body.  They say “yes, come right now” Dr.  Was like “geez! That's a baaaaaaaad reaction”  He gave me 2 drugs to combat it.  He said they wouldn’t take blood since I had just given and that basically they would coordinate analysis of that with the endocrinologist.  The endocrinologist office does not call me until the end of the day.  I swear, it was after 4pm.  The nurse was like oh, it’s probably the meds, you didn’t have to do blood work, If I had spoken to you earlier, I would have told you that.  We only need blood work if you have a sore throat and a high grade fever. 


I'm sorry, WHAT? 

Well excuse me and my low grade fever, but If I'd have been any worse off, I could have died if this is the urgency with which you return your phone calls!!  Oh the nerve!!  Furthermore
…per your handout, I did what I was supposed to do.  And whose fault is it that you didn’t speak to me earlier?  I left you a message at 1am!!!!  You’re just now calling me at the end of the business day!  Oh did I give her a tongue lashing in my mind!!! 

Anyway, she asked me for my pharmacy’s number so she could call in the new RX.  She also brought up that damn potassium again.  Tells me the other nurse noted I said I had it already.  I did not say that, so I rehash the same discussion with her as I had with the other nurse and she’s relaying this to Dr. Pill Pusher as we speak.  He can not answer my question.  She then states that she will ask him what OTC strength I need to take to equal his RX.  He comes back with “well with the RX I know exactly what she’s getting”  I’m thinking, Ok, well, If you tell me what to take OTC you know also know what I’m getting.  He basically refused to entertain any ideas of OTC potassium.  




Now let me just say I am not a doctor.  However, I am and always will be an informed patient.  He may very well have a reason he wants my potassium to be RX, but so far this guys credibility is questionable and I really have zero confidence in him.

At this point, I think this guy is a pill pushing quack.  

I asked about my thyroid scan and was told oh yeah, the results have been read.  I was like, ok, what’s going on?  Mind you The Dr stated that would give an accurate picture of what’s up.  I was thinking ok, when is someone going to share this with me?  Remember I’m not scheduled for follow up until 6 weeks which would be February.   She gave me a bunch of fluff talk about surgery.   I was like look. My surgery was cancelled; the date has come and gone.  My questions have nothing to do with surgery.  She continues with more surgery talk and “Dr. Pill Pusher said X-Y-Z"  I said this has nothing to do with surgery, he told me that the scan would help to find exactly what was going on and no one has said a word to me.  I don’t think the Dr. Pill Pusher fully grasps that I was referred by PCP to treat and manage whatever is going on with my thyroid INDEPENDENT OF SURGERY.  She then guffaws “you don’t think the DR understands that?”  I said No, I don’t, and proceeded to tell her why.  After getting the full picture her demeanor changed totally and she seemed to get it and we ended the call.  About 20 minutes later she called me back and told me that she relayed my concerns to Dr. Pill Pusher and wants to know if I’m free for an appt the week of Jan 14 to discuss what’s going on etc.  I was like yeah fine.  I’m going to go and see what he has to say, but I still do not want to continue seeing him long term.  At this point though, I kind of don’t want to be hasty and switch practices and end up shooting myself in the foot because now that I have this “condition” I will need endocrinologist clearance for surgery, so I may as well finish where I started.  I'm choosing to be faithful in thinking that in addition to being a world class douche bag, he's actually a competent endocrinologist as well.


January 7
Return to work, faxed new insurance info to surgeons office and was informed that Aetna requires record of weight going back 5 years.  I got on the phone w/ my Dr’s office and the last Dr I saw before I started going to her to get those records sent over.  I pulled Aetna ’s policy and it’s pretty much the same criteria.  I don’t think I’ll have a problem getting approved.  I’ll call in a few days to make sure they got the records.  The Dr before my current Dr I last saw in November of 2003. I'm a little worried that Aetna may nitpick the fact that it's months shy of a complete 5 years, but if they do they're idiots, clearly I was that weight the WHOLE YEAR.  So we'll see. 
So here I am for now.  

What did we learn today kids?

1) YOU are your own best advocate.
2) STAND up for yourself!
3) QUESTION "authority" ANYONE can be wrong
4) EVERYTHING happens for a reason
It’s a lot; I know, get up and stretch that sleepy leg.  I’ll do better with more frequent and SHORTER updates in the future.    






















































It's live, not memorex

Dec 04, 2007

It's official, this is now more than a notion, I got my verbal approval from BCBS today.  I guess now is as good a time as any to start this blog thing.  Can't promise I'll keep up with it though.  Anyway, it was towards the end of the day so I did not speak to the surgeons office regarding a date yet.  I did however have a follow up appointment with my PCP's office today regarding my low TSH levels.  I'm really scarred about this situation as I've heard that it is something that can cause SUDDEN DEATH with surgery.  I go back on Friday and hopefully there is some type of solution to get me right before surgery.  I've prayed on this for about a week now.  I am a firm believer in fate, destiny and God's will, so what is meant to be will be, in fact it is already ordained.  I'm human though so none of that stops me from being a bit nervous.  My family is not particularly close, but I do love them.  We lost our father at Christmas time, so a lot of my anxiety is for them if something should happen to me.  I heard someone say one time, if you're gonna worry, don't pray, if you're gonna pray, don't worry.  I'm choosing the later. 

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It's live, not memorex