The best intentions

Dec 16, 2009

I never believed vets that said the first few months of this journey was easy. I look back at how dedicated and dsciplined I was in the beginning and as the weight came off the more lax I became about the do's and don'ts of the surgery. Last year during this time I had lost 10 lbs this year I've gained 4. Its so funny to read the deep thoughts of those new on this journey but when the "newness" of the compliments wear off  and you know exactly how much sugar/carb will make you dump, and how many times you can skip the gym as weight loss no longer takes center focus of yours or anyone else's life. Come holla at me...

When you have to put a pillow between your knees at night because your bones rub together...come see me

When you're in a size 6/8 and everything is low cut, low rised or fitted because a size 6 should be thin  without the excess skin I have so nothing fits "just right" but there's no one to complain to because everyone else around you wishes to be your size even fellow WLS patients. Cry on my shoulder

When you run up stairs without something on your belly and it slaps against your thigh... look my way

When you lose friends because you're no longer part of the "big girl clique" that they can relate to and you find that you get snubbed a lot cause "you don't understand". I'll understand

This journey is great but its kinda like looking back over life and the older and wiser you get about the real world you think about how immature and naive you truly was in your 20's or even 30's when you thought you knew it all. The farther out I get the more I realized how much ore I have to learn.I read folks blogs or post 6 months and newer and they think they got it on LOCK but you still a baby in this thing and there are many errors to be made as we adjust. That's why its called "honeymoon" because as long as you HALF way working the tool the weight is goign to come off this is the time with your training wheels on to learn how to turn it into a lifestyle so you don't regain.  

To fresh newbies I say look at the folks farther out than you even those you think haven't worked their tool because most of us ran out the gate with the best intentions when we could eat a couple oz's of food walk a mile or so on the treadmill and 10 lbs come off.  Easy.

I followed my NUT's directions to the T 70 oz's of water, protein, and walked 6 miles EVERY day for the first 6 months. I didn't dump, no upset stomach, no testing my pouch until I was at my personal goal and was ready to maintain. i then began to introduce things into my diet in moderation.I hate to hear 2-3 months out someone testing cakes, or pasta, alcohol, cookies, not understanding that the weight may still come off but you're setting yourself up for failure and regression in the long term. I held true to the matra "let your body go where it wants to go". This is not a diet and you can not "make the weight stop" when you get good and ready beause i gurantee you will not stop butbegin to slowly gain the weight back or attempt to stall in furstration as the weight STILL comes off. 

I'm proud of everyone's success new post ops and old vets but lets remember this is a life long marathon not a sprint. Its not about how much weght you get off in the first year its how much you keep off in 5  So come holla at me in 5 years or even after your first 2 and lets compare stories


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