This is talking to YOU!

Feb 07, 2010

 There are people that I have met that I LOVE on this journey  and are some of my closest friends. There are some that I have found out is plum crazy and the psych that cleared them should ahve their license revoked because they are as unstable as a 3 legged picnic table!  This blog is directed to you!

You people are CRAZY you know it and so does everyone else but your real life friends love you so they make excuses but you will never have any real friends as grownups trying to trick and manipulate people that's just sad and wrong and makes you sad and wrong too! I don't dislike you I feel sorry for you and your pitiful life and you really need to get a shrink to help you figure out why you do the things you do! And  this blog makes you mad or umcofortable then you are the you I'm talking to 

Hit dog will holla....

Ok, have a great day


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